Susie Throws A Tantrum (A Rugrats and Lion King Crossover)

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Narrator: Once there was a three-year-old girl named Susie with her friend Angelica who went to the toy store.

Susie: Can I have 2003 Peter Sam?

Angelica: No!


Angelica: Shut Up

Susie: (Sobbing) Simba Angelica Can't Buy Me The 2003 Peter Sam

Simba: Don't Worry I'll tell her Angelica you should let Susie get the 2003 Peter Sam

Angelica: Sorry Susie I'm just kidding you can have 2003 Peter Sam

Susie: Thank You So Much (hugs her)

Narrator: So Susie Angelica Simba Nala Rafiki Zazu Timon And Pumbaa Played With 2003 Peter Sam

Susie: That was fun playing with Peter Sam


Air Date

May 2, 2012

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