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The reason

Hello and welcome. This web site (wiki) is being created in sheer frustration at those who govern Oxfordshire and in particular the City of Oxford. Air pollution is the no.1 concern for Oxford residents according to a MORI survey yet the prioritisation and performance against alleviating the severe air quality problem in Oxford is little less than dialobolical.

Why is this? Well in my opinion it is due to deep-rooted anachronism that more transport = economic growth. As you might expect from a transport department that have been protecting jobs for the last 20-30 years then road building and maintenance is just about all that hits their radar. People must be able to get to town centers to spend their cash so that 'the ecomomy' can grow, and tax revenues generated to pay for said transport department.

This wiki is about exploring where this logic comes from, whether it has any weight and what an economy that isn't based on more transport could look like.

This wiki will also be looking out for the types of curruption english people are quite happy to criticize other countries like the US but less than eagle-eyed when it comes to monitoring our own democracy. What I am of course talking about is the representation of corporate aspirations in informed democratic decision-making. In short the extent to which lobbying and council representation by car and bus companies effects decision-making.

Of course people love cars and mobility in general but how sustainable is this love affair and what kind of world is this creating. Sustainability is a complex word which is poorly understood. This wiki is about discussing the growing corpus of literature in this domain and documenting its relevance to the city of Oxford.

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