The swar schema is my designation for mathematical modeling and data visualization

using graph embedding.  S and W

represent strong and weak, in the sense of physical forces being strong or weak. Physical force is not generally what is being modeled, though. A and R represent attraction and repulsion, like in electrostatics. Again, electrostatics is used here as an analogy for other things. This notion appears to be the operating principle of Versa CAD®, but my reading so far on that subject has me inconclusive.

Like maxhi schema, swar schema uses a 2×2 cartesian square as a mnemonic gimmick. The swar "primitives" sa, sr, wa and wr apply to unordered pairs of pubwan virtual object's. As with maxhi, such assignments can come from any pubwan participant, and would normally represent normative (subjective) preferences or assumptions.

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