Sweetie Pie is a recurring character from Tiny Toon Adventures. She is voiced by Candi Milo.


  • Species: Anthropomorphic Canary
  • Age: 3 & 1/2
  • Feather Color: Pink
  • Clothing: Blue Ribbon
  • Friends: Li'l Sneezer (Love Interest), Tweety (Mentor)
  • Enemies: Furrball, Bookworm

Counterparts (Tiny Toon Adventures Version)

Counterparts (Animaniacs Version)


  1. Sweetie Pie/Thomas
  2. Sweetie Pie/TUGS
  3. Sweetie Pie/The Little Engine That Could
  4. Sweetie Pie/Winnie the Pooh
  5. Sweetie Pie/Shining Time Station
  6. Sweetie Pie/Sonic
  7. Sweetie Pie/Mario
  8. Sweetie Pie/Garfield
  9. Sweetie Pie/The Simpsons
  10. Sweetie Pie/Family Guy

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