Swiffer OS is a series of computer operating systems made from 1980 to 1998. It orignally worked with computer displays and keyboards, but Procter and Gamble created a Swiffer computer line from 1983 to it's official discontinuation in 2000.


System 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

System 1 was released on March 29, 1980, and was originally intended for PCs only (it was never used on Macs.) It's final release was System 1.2.3, released on April 19, 1982, just before Swiffer Computers were made.

System 2 came to be on January 2, 1982, just before the discontinuation of System 1. It introduced a color user interface, and was rated the "Best Computer OS" by Procter & Gamble, the manufacturer. In 1985 the release of System 2.4.1 was the last of the System 2 series.

System 3 came out in 1984 and was bundled with the Swiffer II. It had Intel and Motorola processor compatibility, and software was bundled also with the Swiffer II, including SwifferWrite, and SwifferSpread (similar to Word and Excel). Its last version, 3.5.1 was released in 1986 and was bundled with the Swiffer II+.

System 4 was short-lived, as it's release in March 1985 and discontinuation 2 months later, it was outlived by System 3. It was compatible with Intel-only Swiffers.

System 5 was a big release for Swiffer. In 1986, it became a revolutionary OS for Swiffer computers. It included an application called Print Wizard, to help print documents. Its last release was System 5.2, released in 1989.

System 6

Swiffer System 6 was released in 1987, as it added more settings, and more applications, most notably Swiffer Computer Profiler, saying what monitor it uses, how much memory, etc. Its last release was System 6.3.1, released in 1991.

Swiffer OS 7

Main Article: Swiffer OS 7

System 7 (later Swiffer OS 7) came to be on August 10, 1990, with the release of the Swiffer III+. Through its many versions, from System 7.0 to Swiffer OS 7.6.2, it was "Way better than any Swiffer System", as of 1991. Sadly, its final release, Swiffer OS 7.6.2, released June 4, 1997, bundled with the Swiffer IIIe, it never got old.

Swiffer OS 8

coming soon

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