Sygh was born and bred into captivity as one of thirteen Coynites to be trained as the personal slaves, bodyguards and assassins for Jorda the Hutt. Jorda the Hutt recognised the potential for the feline race, due to their feline abilities and potential for strength, recognising the Coynite as a potentially great servant.

During the breeding season on Coyn, the Hutt hired four Bounty Hunters, tasked with kidnap of four Coynite younglings each. Each Bounty Hunter returned with four Coynite younglings, except the Rodian, Kranjo Diijac.

Kranjo returned with but a single Coynite, and a tale about how he had to fight off three Coynites, intent on protecting this youngling. This family were a family of strong fighters, each of whom had given the fierce Rodian - no stranger to combat himself - the fight of his life and taken multiple shots from a blaster to fell.

The thirteen Coynite were given the best of educations and training in the use of unarmed combat, weaponry and stealth, and taught - as they all matured - to obey the orders of Jorda the Hutt, their Master.

For thirty year - a long time for humans, but not so long for Hutts and Coynite - the Coynite thirteen were given the very best of training. While some were clearly better at some areas than others, there was one Coynite that stood out as faster, stronger and more able, a single Coynite who - at one point - emerged victorious from a training battle against two of his fellow Coynite, seemingly able to preempt the Coynite opponent's attacks before they came.

Named Sygh, this Coynite quickly became the favourite of Jorda's. After thirty long years of training, Sygh was the first to be employed by Jorda to solve a "business problem". Sygh was sent to assassinate the very Rodian who had brought him here - Kranjo Diijac.

The Coynite carried out the assassination with amazing contempt and brutality, killing not only the Rodian but his entire bodyguard too. Sygh had displayed a natural talent for this work, and he - and the other Coynite - quickly became a very great assest to "Master Jorda".

But always while in the employ of Jorda the Hutt, Sygh - and the other Coynites - were aware of an emptiness. An emptiness that seemingly was inexplicable. Eventually this emptiness bred into discontent. A discontent that would prove the end of Jorda the Hutt, as Sygh was sent on his most difficult mission to date - a mission to assassinate a Jedi Knight who had grown too intrusive on Jorda's business.

It had been thirteen years since Sygh had accomplished the assassination of Kranjo Diijac. Since that time, Sygh had honed his skills to be a formidable opponent for anyone. Even so, Sygh knew he needed to watch this latest opponent. It was while watching this Jedi - apparently going by the name Kyp Durron - that Sygh noticed he had shown great honour and dignity - an honour and dignity that was missing in his life.

Recognising the emptiness that had haunted him as a lack of honour, Sygh abandoned his mission, and returned to Jorda. When ordered to be punished, the Coynite lept forward, snapping the neck of the nearest of Jorda's guards, stealing his E-11 blaster rifle

Chaos ensued, and Jorda could only watch as his guards were one by one slaughtered by the Coynite. Calling on his other Coynite to stop Sygh, Jorda could only watch in horror as the Coynite turned against him, assiting Sygh in his battle. Eventually, even Jorda too was killed, as the Coynites freed themselves after a total of 42 years in the service of the Hutt gangster.

Parting company with his fellow Coynites, Sygh returned to Coyn and sought out his family. What he found was a family on the brink of exitinction, hunted nearly to death by the rival clan. Taught by his families Ag'Tra (Coynite Elder), Sygh learnt first of the En'Tra'Sol - the Coynite code of laws that codified the honourable and dishonourable ways of combat for a Coynite.

Feeling endowned with a sense of loyalty for the first time, Sygh entered battle against his families enemies, and earnt the respect and fear of those he fought. His presence acted as a catalyst for the families fortunes in battle, and after four years of combat established his families honour as one of the predominant clans on Coyn.

Crowned one of the clan's Kroyn (elite warriors), Sygh lead an honourable life on the planet for almost twenty years. Yet at the age of 81, Sygh once more got to meet a Jedi Knight.

Respectful of the Jedi - as were all Coynite - Sygh was told of his latent force abilities. It explained alot - even among the Coynite, he was considered very quick and agile. He was taken to the Temple, and enlisted as a Jedi Apprentice - one of the oldest ever, at 81 quite an age for a Human, but not for a Coynite, who can live to 250.

Trained in the Jedi arts initially by the Jedi trainers, and then taken on as a Padawan by Jedi Master Elric Demonwind, Sygh spent five years in training to become a Jedi Knight. These five years were harder than any of the training given by Jorda the Hutt or when learning the En'Tra'Sol. In this time he learnt control - over both the force and his emotion - over use of a weapon he had yet to encounter - the lightsaber - and most difficult of all how to supress his previous training as an assassin to learn peace, serenity and control.

Sygh's life as a Jedi was tragically cut short, however. Shortly after his graduation into the ranks of the Jedi Knight, Sygh was seduced by the power of a dangerous Sith artifact known as the Orb of Kamataki. The Orb had tremendous power, and literally took control over Sygh's conciousness. Powerless to stop, the Coynite performed a long forgotten and archaic ritual.

This ritual sent the Coynite into a coma for two weeks. When he managed to muster the strength to wake, the Coynite found himself in chains, his lightsaber in the hands of the previously dead Sith Knight Rynn D'shal.

However, the timely intervention of then-Bounty Hunter Lenan Miader saved the Coynite. Sygh escaped with Lenan and the Orb of Kamataki. However, the Orb had fused the Jedi and Sith's conciousness together. Each knew where the other was at one time, as well as the Orb of Kamataki. Both Rynn and Sygh found themselves empowered several fold by the Orb - but Rynn wanted the power all to himself.

Snatching the Orb from the clutches of Lenan Miader who had taken the Orb in a precaution against Sygh falling to the Dark Side and using the Orb against him, Rynn and Sygh dueled on the Coruscantian building tops. Sygh was the better of the conflict, but Rynn had brought along his apprentice, Zian Ex Allan, who murdered the Coynite Jedi as he prepared the killing blow.

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