Synod Of Man

The Synod Of Man is a religious movement in the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Past Universe.


The Synod enjoy a large amount of secrecy about their past, and none of the higher members seem willing (or perhaps, able) to divulge such information. The first mention of a group calling themselves the ‘Synod’ date back some two thousand years, although it is not known whether the group that exists today are the one and the same.

The group that exists today, at any rate, is a religious movement with particular strengths in the Kingdom Of Galial. They are a particularly xenophobic order, allowing only humans to join their ranks, and they openly preach a mistrust and expulsion of non-humans from their lands. Despite these politically volatile views, many high-ranking humans owe allegiance to the Synod, who in turn support them in times of need.

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