The story in the first novel begins in The Kingdom, where a half satyr (demons who appear to be half goat and half man), half human warrior named Seirim meets The Lord of The Kingdom, Abbadon. This meeting will forever change his life, as he is given the task of killing Set, the leader of a group of warriors determined to destroy The Kingdom. Seirim's family was killed by Set years earlier, and as Seirim embarks on the quest, he begins to question himself. He begins to wonder whether he is truly fighting for revenge or justice, and it is left ambiguous whether Seirim is a force of Good or Evil. He is joined in this colossal undertaking by: Baal, Abbadon's right hand and the most ruthless warrior to have ever lived; Ishtar, an assassin looking for a deeper meaning to her life; and Kain, a zealot who will stop at nothing to acheive his goals, but what these goals are is a mystery to all around him.

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