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You don't have to use just these lines, if you want more variety, use lines from a movie , show or videogame you like! :)

Nny) line 1. Why am I in a box? ..Why am I in an alley?! How the hell did I get here?!! [pause] line 2. You wouldn't know what it's wake up and not even know who you are.. [beginning to cry] ..I can't even remember my mother's voice.. [pause] line 3. Stop calling me 'Kun'!! [end]

Devi) line 1. [instructing] Never charge directly at your opponent, keep your weapon in a blocking position. [pause] line 2. You know what I miss most about us? ...Just sitting like this, watching the stars.. [end]

Tess) line 1. [sighs] I'd make a smart-ass remark, buuut im to tired after what happened today. [end]

Jet) line 1. (do a creepy evil laugh) [pause] line 2. Hehehehe Aww how cute, the little servant thinks he can beat me.. [end]

Kumai) line 1. Wheeewww! He flew really far huh, Nny-Kun? Haha! [pause] line 2. It's so moeeee*~! [end] *(moe is pronounced Mo-eh)

Dez) line 1. [surprized] W-What?! How can you not be dead?! [pause] line 2. PFFF Screw the rules, I have green hair! [end]

Zero) line 1. [no emotion] I can no longer love or hate, but I remember what it was like. [pause] line 2. I read romance novels to better understand the concept of human attraction.. [end]

Alex) line 1. [timid voice] The markings are painful.. so painful... Nny, If you're not carful, you'll turn out like me.. A slave to the sickness... [end]

Matt) line 1. Alright, you should be fixed right up, just need to run a few tests. [end]

Ezber) line 1. [hitting on a girl] Hey, what's your name? [pause] line 2. [drunk] Hehe Hey, try some sake! It'll make you less creepy! [end]

Leah) line 1. [seductive] You're dangerous, I like dangerous. We could be a great team.. [end]

Akia) line 1. Yes, I have a wide variety of spells.. even one that could turn you back into a child.. [end]

Wednsday) line 1. Blood.. I smell blood on your hands.. [pause] line 2. They keep me blindfolded.. They say I'm a monster because my eyes can do things. [end]

Agent Blue) line 1. [sneaky] Hmm, it seems I have a formitable enemy.. Not to bad looking eather-- WAIT WHAT AM I SAYING?! [end]

Error) line 1. Having me in your head is like a disease; and I fully intend to destroy you from the inside out, heheh.. [end]

Maryalice) line 1. Bonjour! [pause] line 2. Let's catch fireflys after school! It will be fun! [end]

Anna) line 1. Do you see that star, the bright one right there? I'm giving it to you because it's bright, just like you.. [end]

Marx / Max (twins) line 1. We don't ever leave eachother's side! Ever! [end]

Leon) line 1. You need to be a strong boy and take care of your mother while I'm gone... Don't look at me like that, I'll be back, I promise. [end]

Ivan) line 1. [stuck up] So what if the universe revolves around you or whatever, why should that make you so special? [end]

PS: please do not edit this page or the demon monky from space will attack you in the night. Thank you. :)

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