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Systematics Research Project Instructions

As we discussed in class, evolutionary biologists through the use of Systematics have classified 5 different Kingdoms of organisms: Monera; Protista; Fungi; Plantae; Animalia. Also as we have already gone over in class, you will be working in groups of 5-6 in order to complete this Research Project in which each group will be assigned one kingdom to research and discuss with the other groups. After you have completed your research, each group should write up their findings in whatever format they think will be most beneficial for other groups to learn from within the pages that I have already created for you. Each group should type this information into the page which is titled the same as their assigned kingdom. You can feel free to edit any of your posts, as that is the point of a Wiki page, anything you write can be edited up until the day the Project is due.

Some examples of things which you should remember to include in your research report:

  • Defining characteristics of kingdom (what makes it different from the others?)
  • Approximate era when its first species are believed to have arisen
  • Approximate number of species we know of within that kingdom
  • Anything else you think you and your classmates should know about this class of organisms (OF COURSE I'M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU EVERYTHING, YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO DO SOME OF YOUR OWN THINKING)

Finally, after doing your initial research about the kingdom, I want each group to identify one representative organism of that kingdom and briefly research it, making a point to discuss why it is such a good representative of that kingdom.

(Make sure to look at the "Editing Help" page for detailed instructions on how to operate the editing feature of this Wiki site)


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