TomArmstrong14 and BennytheBeast's Movie Spoof Version of "the Swan Princess"


  • Thomas Rooke as Rogers (dubbed by Thomas Rooke)
  • King Arthur Postman as Jean Bob
  • Queen Guir Postwoman as Speed
  • Jester as Puffin
  • Alice Rookes as Queen Youbert
  • Jamie Greenwood as Derek's Father
  • Scuttlebutt as King William
  • Mother Em Rooke as Oddette's Mother
  • Skeleton as Rockbart
  • Bulk as the Witch
  • Batfink as Clavius
  • Sneezly the Seal as Knuckles
  • Sally the Witch as Sakua Avalon as Zelda
  • Sally the Witch as Zelda
  • Aaron Parrs-Rookes as Whizzer the Yakey-Bird
  • Baddies as Baddies
  • Topsy and Tim Rooke as Oddette's Twin Son and Twin Daugther (dubbed by Topsy and Tim)
  • JyJ Potts-Rooke as Oddette's Twin Son and Twin Daugther

Featuring the Casts of

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