Michaelcarterclassic's Spoof Version of Toy Story 2


  • Emily Rooke as Woody
  • Jordan Rooke as Buzz
  • Thomas Rooke as Sticky Pete
  • Wilbur Van Snobble as Utility Belt Buzz
  • el All Heroes as the All Toys
  • Little Lulu as Slicky Dog
  • Jordan y Emily Rooke as the Toy Soldiers
  • T,JyE Rooke's Mother Emily Rooke as Jessie
  • Oliver (Oliver and Co.) as Andy Davis
  • Baby Kitty Katswell as Molly Davis
  • Sawyer (Cats Don't Dance) as Mrs. Davis
  • Marie (the Aristocats) as Samantha Roberts
  • Famale Cat as Hannah Phillip
  • Marv and Joe as Al

Audio Used

  • Norman Wisdow - Norman fight Two Rapians
  • The Baby - The Mother was Cross

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