Jivio's crossover of T,JyE Rooke meets Texas Pete


  • TTTE as Himself
  • JyE to Hansel and Gretel as Themself
  • Topsy Rooke as Herself
  • Tim Rooke as Himself
  • Thomas Jeffrey "Tom" Hanks as Texas Pete in Captain Hook
  • John Stephen Goodman as Bulk
  • John Alderton as Skeleton
  • Sue Sheridan as Will

== Crew ==

* Superted and Topsy and Tim Crossover Edited by: JIVIO

* Superted Characters Created by Mike Young

* Topsy and Tim Characters Created by El Rev. W. Awdry

* Footage from Episodes: Superted at the Toy Shop, Topsy and Tim Go to the Doctor

* Superted Footage Provided by JIVIO

* Topsy and Tim Footage Provided by Captainleo, Tonypilot, LionheartCaptain, Tomarmstrong14, theCityMaker, DarthValor07, LionKingRulezAgain1, Startanica, RaetheLioness, Thomasfan, ShingFan1983, JordydaHedgie, KittyKatswellFan, Dannichangirl and CoolZDane

* Superted Footage Copyrighted by Siriol Animations

* Topsy and Tim Footage Copyrighted by TV Toyko, HB, David Mitton, HTV and VCI

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