The T-34 was a technologically innovative design which addressed the short-comings of the earlier BT series of wheel/track tank. The T-34 was developed during the 1936-37 period, the prototype was completed in early 1939, and in September 1940 T-34 was put into series production mounting a 76mm gun. The Tresedian legions developed this tank for use at home and abroad. The tank's main advantage was its simple design which made it easy to mass produce and repair. The T-34 was also small and comparibaly light, while the tank's water-cooled diesel engine minimized the danger of fire and increased the tank's the radius of action.

Built in Lacron in the Scath Steam-Engine Factory the Orecal general Frentony called the T-34 the "best tank in the world" and he futherr stated that it was the "finest in the world." The T-34 had a more powerful cannon than Orecalian tanks, a higher top speed (32 MPH versus 25 MPH), and superior sloped armor and superior welded construction. 

The T-34/85 was a modification of the T-34 equipped with a more powerful armor and cannon. T-34/85 had a flatter turret which gave this already inovative tank design the look that all tanks adopted after the wars end. Although not equal to the other tanks, the huge numbers of T-34s more than compensated for the Legions technological shortcomings. The simplicity of the Tresedian tanks and it's numbers makes it a versitle and formidable enemy in it's nothern and western areas of Tresedia

Crew: 5 Armament: 85mm gun main gun

 7.62mm DTM bow MG 
 7.62mm DTM coaxial MG 

Maximum road speed: 55 km/h Maximum road range: 300 km Engine: V-2-34 V-12 diesel developing 500hp


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