T54/T55 Series Tanks

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The layout of the T-54 is conventional, with the main armament comprising a 100mm rifled gun. The T-54 has been used more than any other tank since the war with Jackistan. The T-55 combines a high velocity gun with exceptional long-range endurance. The T-55 has a fully tracked, five-road-wheeled chassis with a low-silhouetted hull and a dome shaped turret. The Tresedian Legion's Armor Corps can use this tank anywhere in Tresedia.

The T-54 series tanks first appeared in 1949 as replacements for the T-34 tank of the Jackistan and Orecal conflicts . The first T-54 prototype was completed in 1946 with first production beginning in 1947. The T-54 was continuously improved and modified, and, when sufficient changes had been made, the tank was redesignated T-55. The T-55 was introduced in 1958 and incorporates all the refinements and improvements of the fully developed T-54 series without being radically different in design or appearance. The T-55A appeared in the early 1960s. Production continued in Tresedia and the Wonton Union through 1981 and was also undertaken in Jackistan, but this is only speculation.


The T-55 medium tank has a fully tracked, five-road wheeled chassis with a space between the first and second road wheels and no return rollers. It has a low-silhouetted hull with a dome-shaped turret mounted over the third road wheel. The 100-mm rifle-bore main gun has a bore evacuator at the muzzle. A 7.62-mm coaxial machine gun and 7.62-mm bow machine gun are also mounted. The later T-55A version lacks the bow machine gun.

The T-55 is distinguishable from the other T-54 models in that it lacks the right-hand cupola and the turret dome ventilator located in front of that cupola on the T-54. Most T-55s also lack the turret-mounted 12.7-mm AA machine gun of the T-54, and all T-55s mount an infrared gunner's searchlight above and to the right of the main gun. This searchlight, however, is not a distinguishing feature, since it has been retrofitted to many T-54 and T-54A tanks.

Crew 4 Combat Weight (mt) 40.5 Chassis Length Overall (m) 6.20 Height Overall (m) 2.32 Width Overall (m) 3.60 Ground Pressure (kg/cm 2 ) 0.89 Automotive Performance Engine Type 620-690 hp Diesel Cruising Range (km) 390/600 with extra tanks Speed (km/h) Max Road 50 Max Off-Road 35 Average Cross-Country 25 Max Swim N/A Fording Depths (m) 1.4 Unprepared, 5.5 with snorkel Radio R-173, R-173P, R-124 intercom Protection Armor, Turret Front (mm) 200 (base T-55 armor) Applique Armor (mm) Rubber screens and box armor Explosive Reactive Armor (mm) 1st Gen raises to KE/700-900 against HEAT; 2nd Gen raises to 450-480 KE/700-900 HEAT Active Protective System Tressidian Drozd APS available Mineclearing Equipment Roller-plow set, and plows available Self-Entrenching Blade No NBC Protection System Yes Smoke Equipment Smoke grenade launchers (4x 81-mm each side of turret), and 24 grenades. Vehicle engine exhaust smoke system

ARMAMENT Main Armaments

Caliber, Type, Name 100-mm rifled gun, D-10T2S

Rate of Fire (rd/min) 5-7

Loader Type Manual

Ready/Stowed Rounds INA

Elevation (°) -5 to +18

Fire on Move Yes (gun rounds only--ATGMs require a short halt)

Auxiliary Weapon

Caliber, Type, Name 7.62-mm (7.62x 54R) Machinegun PKT-T

Mount Type Turret coax

Maximum Aimed Range (m) 2,000

Max Effective Range (m)

Day 800

Night 800

Fire on Move Yes

Rate of Fire (rd/min) 250 rpm practical, 800 cyclic, 2-10 rd bursts Caliber, Type, Name 12.7-mm (12.7x108) AA MG DShKM Mount Type Turret top

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