T-Midi: The Movie is a movie premiering on April 28th, 2015.


T-Midi is lonely, so he decides to find a partner to date.

He goes to Mrs. Furfle, but sadly, she is not interested. What will he ever do?

Not wallow in self-pity, that's what! Instead, he starts a fan-club FOR HIMSELF, and lots of pretty bird chickies join it.

Meanwhile, a gardener named Bloom is questioning her life. She finds a flyer for the T-Midi fanclub and joins.

She meets T-Midi, and isn't impressed at first. Maybe annoyed, even.

But after a near-death experience on T-Midi's yacht, and he saves her life, they both wonder about the new feelings they feel forming for one another.

And then, Mrs. Furfle gets a little jealous, but only because she missed the attention T-Midi used to give her. She feels resent for Bloom, but not full hatred.

T-Midi and Bloom go on a few dates, and realize they are in love, and T-Midi wants to marry her.

Bloom suspects this, and is secretly excited. But on the night of, she overhears a conversation T-Midi has with Mrs. Furfle and misunderstands, and leaves in tears.

T-Midi wonders what happened...

He manages to sort it out with Mrs. Furfle, who is overjoyed to have his friendship again. But Bloom is still heartbroken, due to the misunderstanding.

T-Midi finally makes it up to her, and she accepts his proposal, and the have a fairy tale wedding.


  • The scene where the yacht accident happens references every shipwreck movie and TV Show is some way.

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