The T-Virus is a mutagenic toxin created by scientists working for the Umbrella Corporation to transform living beings into Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W.s). Implementation-into-your-game ideas are listed here:

Idea #1 (By the Merciless DM)

Whenever an infected creature deals damage (which penetrates any Damage Reduction) to a non-infected creature or character, the victim to the attack must make a Fort Save (DC 20) or be infected with the T-Virus. Success mean the body's immune system processes it as waste and it's eliminated from the system as waste; upon failure the virus incurs its full effect on the body within an hour. Once infected the virus moves quickly throughout the bloodstream were it begins to weaken the body. Every hour after the initial point of infection a Fort Save is required (DC 15 + number of hours since the initial infection occurred) or one point of his Constitution Score is lost permanently. This process continues until the body dies (Con Score reaches 0) from the symptoms of Pneumonia or until the T-Virus antitoxin is administered.
Whenever the antidote is applied to the subject, the subject must make a Fort Save (DC 10 + hours he's been infected) to determine whether or not the virus is eliminated from the subjects system. Upon success the virus is eliminated as waste and he also recovers any of lost Constitution points due to the virus and any other previously lost ability score. If the antitoxin is administered within a half an hour from the point of infection no save is required, and the body removes the virus from the system with no complications, yet no Constitution points are recovered. If a person is infected long enough to loose 75% or more of his Constitution score, the antitoxin becomes useless and his fate is sealed. Whenever an infected person dies he shall raise as a T-Virus Zombie in 1d4 rounds. Dogs reanimate as Cerberus; crows as Crows, etc. It is possible for a human body that has been reanimated as a T-Virus Zombie to continue evolving up to the point where it may become a Licker.

Idea #2 (by Farealmer)

Injury, inhaled
If it is inhaled/ingested the DC is 15. If it is transmitted the DC is 15+host's Con modifier; the DC increases by half the infecter's HD if the infecter and infectee are the same race.

The T-virus, like all of the RE/Biohazard viruses, doesn't act like a disease in that it has no default score loss. Instead the T-Virus's effects are split into two categories:

  • 1. Save effects: things that happen during the three saves period. Can be cured with Remove Disease.
  • 2. Full effects: things that are the end result of the virus infection. Can only be cured with successful Heal or similar magic.

The infected creature must make three(3) saving throws after infection. If it makes two of the three they are cured; if not it suffers the full effects of the virus(regardless of the save results it is not fully affected or cured until after the third save). If a creature is reduced to less than zero HP then it automatically suffers the full effects of the virus even if it succeeded on the first two saves.
The incubation period of the t-virus varies depending on the way it is transmitted:

  • 1. Inhalation/ingestion: 1 day.
  • 2. Injury: 10d6 minutes. A save must be repeated every hour after infection.

Unless otherwise noted, anyone who is infected with the T-Virus can only transmit it during the three saves period. After that, they can't transmit it even if they are fully affected. T-Viral creatures are very aggressive and will attack any creature not infected and of the same race. Alignment switches to neutral if it was good; if evil or neutral its alignment stays the same.

Constructs, Elementals, and Undead are immune to the T-Virus.

Fey, Humanoids, Monstrous Humanoids, and Giants all transform into T-Zombies, Crimson Heads, and Lickers. They are the only exception to the Attack-Any-Creature-Outside-of-Your-Type rule as T-Zombies and Crimson Heads never intentionally attack any infected creature even in self defense. Lickers, however, will attack any creature, unless said creature is also a Licker.

Save effects: Itching and continuous hunger, every time it fails a save it temporarily loses 1d6 points of Con. If it is reduced to 0 Con it automatically suffers the full effects. Full effects: T-Zombie transformation.

Note: Dryads and other Fey bonded to a living entity pass the infection to it as well. Any Fey that will die or otherwise be harmed from leaving a certain area will not leave that area even in the pursuit of prey.

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