T-Zombie Mob: CR 8; Gargantuan zombie (mob of Medium-size T-Zombies); HD 30d12: hp 220; Mas-; Init+0; Spd 5 ft; Defense 10, Touch 10, Flat-Footed 10 (-4 size, +4 natural armor) DR 3/- BAB +22; Grap +40; Atk +33 melee (5d6 half bludgeoning/half piercing, special); Full Atk +33 melee (5d6 half bludgeoning/half piercing, special); SQ Infectious, undead, expert grappler, improved overrun, mob anatomy, trample; FS 20 ft. by 20 ft.; Reach 0 ft; Al:hunger Sv Fort +9, Ref +9, Will +17; AP -; Rep +0; Str 14, Dex 10, Con -, Int -, Wis 10, Cha 1

Skills: Climb +8, Intimidate +6, Listen +8, Spot +8

Feats: Alertness, Toughness, Improved Toughness, Improved Grapple, Improved Bullrush

Special Qualities:

Expert Grappler (Ex): A mob can maintain a grapple without penalty and still make attacks against other targets (normally, attacking other targets while grappling imposes a -20 penalty on grapple checks) A mob is never considered flat-footed while grappling

Improved Overrun (Ex): When a mob attempts to overrun an opponent, the target may not choose to avoid it. The mob also gains a +4 bonus on it's Strength check to knock down the opponent

Mob Anatomy (Ex): A mob is not subject to critical hits or sneak attacks. A mob cannot be flanked, tripped, grappled or bull rushed

Trample (Ex): A mob that simply moves over a creature and doesn't end its movement with that creature in its fighting space can trample the creature. A trampled creature takes damage equal to 2d6 + 1 1/2 times the mob's Strength modifier. The victim can either make an attack of opportunity against the mob or make a Reflex save (DC 25 + the mob's Str modifier) to take half damage.

Spells or psionic powers that target specific numbers of creatures can affect a mob. Each specific creature that is slain, disabled or otherwise incapacitate by effects that target specific creatures bestows two negative levels on the mob. A mob that gains negative levels equal to its Hit Dice breaks up as if reduced to 0 hit points. Negative levels gained in this manner are not the result of negative energy and never result in permanent level loss. A mob takes half again as much damage (+50%) from effects that target an area, such as fireball spells and splash weapons.

Although a mob is treated as one creature, it sometimes becomes necessary to determine the fate of a specific individual caught up in the mob. If a mob is dispersed by nonlethal attacks, there are no casualties. If the mob is dispersed by lethal attacks, assume that 30% of its number are slain and 30% are reduced to 0 hit points. To determine a specific individual's fate, simply roll d% 01-30 indicates death, 31-60 indicates the victim is reduced to 0 hit points, and a 61-100 indicates the victim escapes relatively unscathed.

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