T-o-s is an animated/Live Action movie that was written and directed by: Roc. The movie stars Puss in Boots, Woody, Big Show, Undertaker, Danny and Joardan. The secondary cast is Whitey as Ted, and Optimus Prime as Matty Jones. The movie was released on March 1st, 2014.


The movie takes place one month after T-o-s. For the very first time Tom, Lenny, Kyle, Max, Tim and Joardan leave Cartoon City and visit the city of Philidelphia. Max wants to become a buildboard maker but when Randy takeover the cartoon world Tom and his friends must return to save it.

By: Roc.


Tom, Lenny, Max, Tim and Joardan enjoy living in the cartoon world but find it hard to travel to two places until they find a door has been created they go and find out that they're in Philidelphia, Max also wants to become a buildboard maker, he also creates a door to The Ladder Center. They go back to Cartoon City and try defeat Randy when they open the door they find out that Cartoon City no longer exist. To make it exist they go in a sour, a vent returns them back to Cartoon City they hit Cartoon City go to the ocean, afterwards Cartoon City shreds back together and returns the door. They take Randy to a door to the Ladder Center and throw her in the door and close it, they shred it before Randy can return, at Ladder Randy tries to capture Maria but Maria puts her in a closet door. 


Puss in Boots as Tom (Charectar).

Woody as Lenny.

Big Show as Kyle.

Undertaker as Max.

By: Roc. 

Secondary Cast

Whitey as Ted.

Optimus Prime as Matty Jones.

Ms. Kutteh as Maria (Charectar).

By: Roc. 

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