T.A.R.M.O.S is a potato like machine, invented by the famous Professor Plini. It is an acronym for The Awesome Roman Machine Of Superness. It is a hand held time-machine, used by Ebo and Ibi to travel to different eras in Roman history, to visit its most celebrated characters, who teach Ebo and Ibi about life. This machine was made by the philanthropist professor, in his great, but ever failing campaign to “make learning fun”. It is propelled using the powers of "Rainbow Rays" (it is uncertain what, if anything, these are) which are said to have harmefull effects. Ebo is the machine's supreme guard, with the aid of Ibi, for Professor Plini always fears the consequences of the T.A.R.M.O.S falling into the wrong hands, and the deadly "Rainbow Rays" being used for purposes other than education.

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