Version 1

  • Dudley Puppy as Sonic
  • Keswick as Tails
  • General Warhog as Knuckles
  • Biff as Antoine
  • Kitty Katswell as Sally Acorn
  • The Chief as King Acorn
  • Peg Puppy as Queen Aleena
  • The Chipmunk Girl as Cream the Rabbit
  • Verminious Snaptrap as Dr. Robotnik
  • Larry as Scratch
  • Francisco as Grounder
  • Ollie as Coconuts
  • Birdbrain as Shadow the Hedgehog
  • The Chameleon as Snively
  • Owl as Heavy
  • Bat as Bomb
  • Grammar as Chip
  • More Coming Soon

Version 2

  • Kitty Katswell as Amy Rose
  • Zippy as Sally Acorn
  • The Chief as Vector
  • Peg Puppy as Vanilla
  • Ollie as Shadow
  • Everyone else, same as in Version 1

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