Everyone and where theyr'e located

  • Tarzan is seen swimming
  • Arista and Peter Pan look at each other romantically
  • Joshua Strongbear Sweet is seen being attacked by animals,only to be laughed at by Torque,who stops after he receives a glare from Ariel
  • Marlene and Helga are seen catfighting their way down a waterfall.
  • Timon is seen meditating on a rock,only to get knocked off it by Jane,who also knocks Timon and herself into an outhouse that Aurora is in
  • Sir Ector is seen digging his hand in a pot of what appears to be soup
  • Kronk and Fagin look at him in shock
  • Cruella beats Prince Phillip in an arm wrestling match
  • Pocahontas and Mulan are seen admiring a shirtless Shang
  • Eilonwy is seen twirling a flaming baton on the dock
  • Savy SL2 and Flynn Rider look at each other romantically,only to get interrupted by Taran.

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