a. Grammar

b. Cross-culture

c. English Listening skills

d. Conversational Speaking

e. Presentations

f. Using Icebreakers to engage students

g. Writing in general

h. using media/online resources/technology

i. teaching techniques


a. Powerpoint b. Make a website c. Make your own d. Other

Lani's 5 Lesson Plans:

1. Practice certain situational vocabulary and have a fill-out sheet of things that may have done using that vocab (ex: find someone who... has a relative is a lawyer, can play a musical instrument, etc) and get the teachers to go around the room (maybe we'll break them up into smaller groups) and find someone who has done each of the things and write their name down (facillitates conversation and listening skills.

2. Have them get into 3 person groups and decide how to open the class (getting attention of class, an ice breaker) at the beginning of either the year or just a normal day of class. Then write up a quick outline/notes of what they would do, and have each group present their ideas to the class (they can take notes and get ideas for their real classes and take these home).

3. Have them do a listening exercise where we play a snippet of something cultural from the US on video and then have ten true/false questions for them to answer. Vary the level of difficulty. I am thinking we could do this like every day if we wanted, just to improve conversation/listening ability.

4. Pair up in partners and give them scenarios and they have to act them out. Like one person is a teacher and one is a student and the student is acting up in class, asking for directions, stuff like that.

5. for hw: a. Bring in a news article in English from home that interests you (from the Internet), along with a summary and ten vocab words you didn't know (translated), summarize out loud for the class. b. Watch a 10 minute snippet of news in English (that we provide??? or could they get access to this? online maybe?), and summarize and write five words you did know and five you didnt, and translate.

Ahmed's 5 Lesson Plans:

1. Comparison of Indian and Chinese culture - uses multimedia, test writing ability by having teachers write comparisons after responding to media

2. English Slang - conversational practice using newly learnt words

3. Creating a self descriptive blog - improves understanding of technology, media and writing ability

4. Music videos on VCD - to show musical styles, associated culture etc. Teachers write descriptions of music - mood, setting, cultural influence, dance form

5. Creative writing (relay race style) - using wikipedia for continuous editing in group one person after the other- best group essay after 35 minutes wins!

Arthur's 5 Lesson Plans:

1. Use select dialogues from to practice listening, and then use script to practice conversation

2. Use the drawing exercise and two pictures to practice grammar and vocabulary in actual conversations.

3. A short speech about anything the teacher want, share something about their life in English.

4. Situational skit based on something practical.

5. Make own webpage--myspace or xanga or facebook, etc.

Nate's 5 Lesson Plans:

1. Require take-home assignments to be submitted via email.

2. Complete writen exercised for grammar and vocabulary such as fill-ins and sentence correction exercises (similar to SAT)




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