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Welcome to THBS, Bangalore - Batch 28

Welcome all to Torry Harris Business Solution, Bangalore. This is a mini-wiki of BootCamp 28. All members can join in to share their knowledge, concerns, issues and everything on the horizon about BootCamp. The priority of this wiki to promote Knowledge sharing, so we should stick to discussions of our problems (mostly technical) rather than giving out solutions.

Lets start the journey.... BC28 Rocks!!!!

Topic 1 : Returning the array of pointers SAMPLE CONTENT

Topic 2 : Implementing Timer Server and a Client 1. PF_INET vs. AF_INET PF is Protocol Family and AF is Address Family. What is the right option to be used with socket primitive? AF_INET works wonderfully with socket(). What can then be use of PF_INET?

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