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TheBeckster1000's 2nd version of "The Swan Princess"

cast so far

  • Bagheera as William
  • Rita as Young Odette
  • Miss Kitty as Uberta
  • Young Shere Kahn as Young Derek
  • Baboon as Rothbart
  • Bushroot as Bridget
  • TW as Chamberlain
  • Charmer as Teen Odette
  • Tiger as Teen Derek
  • Pudge as Young Bromley
  • Fox as Odette
  • Tigger as Derek
  • Owl as Lord Rogers
  • Hubie as Bromley
  • Ke-Pa as Great Animal
  • Kessie as Swan Odette
  • Gopher & Eeyore as Jean-Bob & Speed
  • Kronk as Musician 1 (BOAR)
  • Baloo as Musician 4 (FOX)
  • Burtus & Nero as Musican 5 & 6 (MOOSE)
  • Rutt & Tuke as Musican 7 (STORK)
  • Wart as Musican 3 (LION)
  • Stan & Heff as Musican 8 (DUCK)
  • Mr. Snoops as Musican 2 (BEAR)
  • Zazu as Musican 9 (ELEPHANT)
  • Nuka as Musican 10 (RABBIT)
  • Rabbit as Puffin
  • Orville as Lizard Rogers
  • Wart (Bird) as Ostrich Uberta
  • Hamm as Pig Chamerlain
  • King Louie as Ape Bromley
  • Chorus from "Princesses on parade": Ratigan, Mr. Smee, Crows, Garbage Dogs (from "Scamps adventure), Angel & Ratigan's Men
  • Ladies in "Princesses on Parade": Penny, Juliet, Jewel, Marlene, Darzee's Wife, Zira & Duchess
  • Gators in Moat as themselves

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