Narrator: On the news:

News lady: The king is dead! The king is dead! Last night the king of Hyrule fell down dead! Whoever did this will be thrown in jail.

Narrator: The king's daughter, Zelda was in her room, whispering to her teddy bear, when Link was snooping on her.

Zelda: Oh, Teddy. I have done something terrible! I killed my father! But it wasn't my fault. The poison bottle is in my dresser.

Narrator: Zelda paused, and said:

Zelda: Yeah, I know, Teddy. I really should turn myself in. But I don't want to!

Link: AHA! You killed the king!

Narrator: Without meaning to, Zelda grabbed the poison and splashed it onto Link! He died shortly after, and Zelda eventually turned herself into the police. People were making hate groups about her act, and she never had peace in her life. EVER AGAIN.

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