Can I just ask, pretty please, why when people wonder why they are not attractive candidates, they immediately launch into the fact that they are Ivy-educated? It's really sickening and endlessly annoying. An Ivy education does not entitle you to a job, nor does it mean that that is what search committees are looking for. Having served on countless search committees, I have found many Ivies to be less-than-prepared for the expectations of art positions. Please, come down and breathe the air with the rest of us...

This is not just venting, but also information in case it helps someone else avoid disappointment. I received two emails a few days after the AHA from two different positions that made it sound like I was on the short list for the position, but that they wouldn't be able to tell me for a bit. In both cases, I later received a rejection message. In one situation, the communication was pretty considerate and clear. The first email said that they were impressed with my work etc, and that the committee had decided on a list of candidates to put before the department as a whole, who would then vote, and then he would be in touch with me. The rejection letter said that though the department had not chosen me as one of the top three, that I would stay under consideration until someone was hired. Basically, I was an alternate. That made sense and was ok. But the second one wrote, "We very much enjoyed talking to you and hope you felt the same way. Right now the committee has made its choice, and the process is in the hands of the dean. As soon as we hear from him, I will contact you directly." Sounded for sure like I had been chosen, but that they were waiting for permission from the dean to invite candidates. Then TWO WEEKS later, I received a generic rejection letter, same wording that I saw posted on the wiki for folks who hadn't gotten that first email. This just seems mean. Why write that first email? Or why not say something more generic like: "The process is moving forward and we will be in touch with candidates very shortly" if they have to write an email???

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