FanFiction starring the characters of Recess.


  • (TJ and his friends are enjoying recess, when suddenly a large wrinkled hand grabs him by the shoulder)
  • Miss Finster: Well, well, well, who do we have here? TJ Detweiler! You did this!
  • (Points to her behind which got superglued to the chair, the other kids laugh)
  • Miss Finster: Oh so you think it's funny?! This young man won't be laughing for long when he ends up in detention!
  • TJ: Detention?! But Miss Finster, I didn't do it!
  • Miss Finster: Oh no?
  • (Finster grabs a tube of superglue from TJ's pocket)
  • TJ: Uh oh.
  • Miss Finster: You've gone too far this time, Mr Detweiler! I can't stand any more of your practical jokes!
  • (Finster drags TJ to Principal Prickly's office)
  • Principal Prickly: This is a very serious situation. A very serious situation indeed. You shouldn't go around pulling pranks in school, TJ. We at Third Street School don't tolerate this behavior.
  • TJ: But I didn't put superglue on Miss Finster's chair! Honest!
  • Principal Prickly: I have no choice but to give you detention level 7!
  • TJ: Level 7?! Man, this whomps.
  • Principal Prickly: Make that level 8! This means no recess for a whole month, young man! Do I make myself clear?!
  • TJ: NOOOO!!!
  • (At the Ashleys' clubhouse)
  • Ashley A: That was a great prank you pulled there, Ashley Q! And pinning the blame on that Detweiler kid!
  • Ashley Q: He didn't know what was coming to him!
  • Ashley B: And now he's in a lot of trouble!
  • (The Ashleys high five each other as we go to the detention room where TJ is still sulking)
  • TJ: It's not fair! I didn't do it! Someone put that tube of superglue in my pocket!
  • (TJ's friends appear outside the window)
  • Vince: How did it go, Teej?
  • TJ: Not well. I got detention level 8. That means no recess for a month! But I didn't put that superglue on Finster's chair! I know someone set me up!
  • (The Ashleys laugh at TJ)
  • TJ: The Ashleys! I knew they had something to do with this!
  • Ashley A: Hey, Detweiler! Enjoying detention?!
  • Ashley B: And another thing, you've got lots of homework to do!
  • TJ: I know you did this, Ashleys! But I won't let you get away with it! Revenge is mine.
  • (TJ grabs his cell phone, dials 911 and disguises his voice)
  • TJ: Hello, police! I'd like to report four notorious and very deceptive criminals at Third Street School! They stole my handbag as I walked past and are hiding in their club house!
  • Officer: Don't worry, ma'am. We'll be there right away!
  • Ashley A: Oh, puh-leeze, like they'll actually believe you, Detweiler!
  • TJ: Guess who's in trouble now?
  • (TJ winks. Later, the Ashleys are being apprehended by the cops)
  • Ashley A: NOOOOOOOO!!! I'm too young to go to prison! I'M NOT A CRIMINAL!!!

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