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TLSoulDude is a Fictorian Hedgehog (a Mobius-esque hedgehog from the planet Fictor). He bears a strong resemblance to Silver the Hedgehog, save a golden mane, cowboy boots that still retain Silver's style, a glove with red circuitry on his right hand, and a battle gauntlet on his left arm. He has two brothers—Dimensiondude (a Fictorian Dragonsaur, which is a green raptor thing with dragon attributes) and Lunatic121 (a Fictorian Ninja). He is one of the three Ultima Masters of Fictor (the Ultima Master of Fictron).

Authors of Time

TL and Dimensiondude play small parts in Authors of time (because TLSoulDude and Dimensiondude barely joined the Author Fighters at that time). TL was first seen in the Author Fighters HQ as a new recruit, later seen in central park where he held off some Darksides, and later punched Johan.

Darkside and the Hyuga

TL plays a larger part in the Darkside and the Hyuga, but still not a very big one. He comments that six o'clock isn't too early for him in the first part. He joins DarkMagicianmon and the other Authors to Konoha, where he says that the Darksides stole something from them (namely, a part of the Imagination River). TL comments that he'd have nightmares about Hanabi kissing Drake and Airnaruto says that he'd be sick. TL is later seen fighting Anti-Gantz, where he uses Chaos Control and winds up, comically, on the roof and comments, "Not as bad as it usually is".

X Prodigy's Christmas Bananza

TL plays a major role, though there isn't much fighting. He joins in a small debate about Christmas Trees, commenting about the Christian story of Christmas (being Christian himself).

Later, X Prodigy confronts the Hedgehog about his feelings for Hanabi Hyuga, in which TL says that he doesn't (even though he describes her as "sweet", "innocent", and "angelic"). TL apparently flirts with Hinata, only to get attacked by Tobi.

X Prodigy's Valentine's Palooza

TL finds himself singing Can You Feel the Love Tonight with Hanabi (Lunatic and Dimensiondude providing Timon and Pumbaa). TL says the first verse, possibly referring to his explosions or Demon Ultima form.


TLSoulDude grew up on the distant planet, Fictor, the middle of three brothers—Dimensiondude being the eldest and Lunatic121 being the youngest. He was born with twice the usual amount of Imagination River energy. This became apparent when he exploded, killing everyone within twenty miles, except himself and his two brothers. The three were taken in by Ultimo, the current Ultima Master (the leader of Fictor). Ultimo trained TL how to hone his powers of levitation and neural disruption (lightning was later added) and also how to control his Ultima form. Drake Darkstar then came to Fictor, stealing part of the Imagination River, the substance that gives the planet Fictor life. After being in a famine for two months, Ultimo sent TL to Earth to get back at Darkstar and, if possible, destroy his corrupted samples. The Author Fighters originally didn't know what to make of him, but Airnaruto vouched for him. Misunderstanding an argument, TL and DarkMagicianmon fought. The hedgehog, convinced that the argument wasn't against him, did a warrior's form of bonding with DM. Soon after that, TL's two brothers joined the Author Fighters. Being sent into a form of astral projection by a combination of taunts and Tsukoyomi, TL became the Ultima Master and given a mission that could cost him his life—try and kill Drake. Barely catching up with the Author Fighters, TL removed his gloves, thus exploding. He was considered dead...for about three minutes before he came out, revealing that he had put his gloves back on—thus, ensuring his own life. A few weeks later, TL became reckless due to trying to prove himself to his deceased parents and expression his confused feelings. However, it was quickly covered over by the oncoming mission: find the UFO Blade and the Fictronian Headband. After a series of events, the Fictorian Hedgehog gained control over his powers without his gloves from his future self and his Demon Ultima form from Sylar. After a death/revival experience and defeating Drake again, TL left Earth to travel the universe to be ready for the next time Drake attacked, returning two years later for many more years. While he was travelling the universe, he established Team Wanderer and met up with Team Faust and Ranger's group (though he hmade them promise NOT to tell the other Authors for personal reasons). While he was travelling, Blacknova managed to capture and corrupt him. He was forced to fight his own team, defeating all but two—Hanabi and Sasuke, who managed to break the control by reminding TL of his ideals, who his friends were, and with some new ideals. TL broke free and his friendship with Sasuke only got strengthened...though the two still share a love-hate relationship.

Relationships with Authors

DarkMagicianmon: Considers that the Authors would be lost without him, though he does enjoy frustrating him by calling him "Boss Wiz". Looks to him like a father.

Hikari Ino: Enjoys their early morning talks. Considers her a big sister, seeing as they've both experienced similar pain.

Airnaruto: Looks to him as another older brother.

Nukid: The two share a strong bond, which is unusual...seeing as they're virtually polar opposites.

X Prodigy: The two were once on a squad, so TL's on good terms with him. They often have chats about the afterlife.

Ranger24: The two are brothers in arms. Ranger helped TL when the Fictorian lost his powers.

Kitten Hachi-chan: Considers her part of their family because of her relationship with Lunatic.

Relationship with Team Wanderer

Sylar: TL trusts him, given that he hasn't killed anyone. Sylar being one of the first members of Team Wanderer.

Xemnas1992: The two are old friends and TL made Xem his second-in-command as soon as the latter joined.

Hanabi Hyuga: The two have mutual feelings for each other.

Rattrap: Rattrap is TL's oldest Summon, so it's natural that the two get along fine.

Ratchet and Clank: TL trusts these two. Ratchet being an engineer and Clank having enhanced IQ.

Sasuke Uchiha: TL originally didn't trust him. However, the two ended up respecting each other.

Team Chaotix: TL mostly considers them pains in the neck. But, TL leads a detective agency, so they end up working together mor often than not.

Marvin: TL's constant source of irritation. The robot's pessimistic behavior often causes TL to freak out.

The Hulk: TL trusts Hulk to keep the group safe, but often has to stop the Hulk from losing his temper.

Agunimon: TL and Agunimon are on fairly good terms, often teasing each other.

Kazemon: TL mainly tries to distance himself from Kazemon, seeing as she and Agunimon have a relationship.

Rorschach: TL and Rorschach argue on a regular basis. TL relies on his heart, whereas Rorschach uses his mind. The two arrive at different views and scold the other for doing their way. Rorschach calls TL 'careless and unable to see all the views' and TL calls Rorschach 'cold and can't love anything'.

Genie: TL doesn't really know what to make of Genie.

Traits of TL

TL has a short temper. His Demon Ultima and Feral modes aregood examples of this.

TL is lazy when it comes to manual labor. He'd sooner make himself scarce at the prospects of hard, manual labor.

TL is Christian. He claims that God is everywhere and has to do with everything...the good and the bad.

TL has to believe the best in everyone. He trusts that people can turn good...which is why he's never given up hope that Sasuke could return to Konoha (doesn't stop him from hating the Uchiha, though).

TL lives a stick-to-it lifestyle. Once he sets his sights on doing something, he'll never stop until he completes it.

TL is slightly flirtatious. He tried asking out Alyssalioness and Erinbubble out when he first arrived on Earth. When the asked him to stop, he did so.

TL is goofy. Given the opportunity, he would tease anyone or try to have fun in just about any situation...even in a fight (unless it's personal). A good example is when he fought Anti-TL with Ranger.

TL is fiercly loyal. Whenever his friends or brothers are in danger, he'd willingly give his life to save them.

TL can over or under react. He overreacts with Lunatic, but can underreact at serious moments.

TL is argumentative. When he gets ticked, he'll continue an argument until he wins or decides it's not worth the effort.

TL is a peace-maker. When an argument looks ready to break out between two of his friends, he'll do his best to try and stop it.


Red Lightning, Neural Disruption Blasts, Levitation of Inanimate Objects, Able to Create an Aura Arm (an arm created out of Imagination River Energy, which has ten times the strength of a body-builder), able to change into an Ultima Form
TLSoulDude Ultima

TLSoulDude Ultima Form

, Demon Ultima Form
TLSoulDude Demon Ultima

TLSoulDude Demon Ultima

, Archangel form (with help of the Life Auras)
TLSoulDude Archangel

Archangel TLSoulDude

, and Feral Mode (a phase between his regular form and Demon Ultima), and, possibly, prophetic dreams.

During the Jack Of Blades arc, when X Prodigy's Darkside defeated the Author Fighter and took X's Devil Arms, the Fictor Brother helped desgin new weapons that could be used against him. TL combined demon essence with the imagination river to froge Genesis, the first hybrid devil arm.

In TL's possesion, it serves as a lesser version of the UFO Blade, but allows him to use his original abilties with demonic effect ie. his red lightning becomes stronger and can diminish the opponents soul. TL and X also can use the power of ULtma Devil Trigger, a form that mixes between his Ultima Form and X's Devil Trigger. As powerful as it is, TL is limited with the amount of time spent using it, as his Christian Morals often clash with his bloodlust when he activates Ultima Devil Trigger. Both think that because of the imagination river intensity, Dimensiondude and Lunatic121 might be able to wield it as well.

TL is an intermediate hand-to-hand fighter, but probably wouldn't match the combat of Nukid. His strategies for hand-to-hand combat mainly relies on kicks and evasion, considering he specializes in Fictorian Snake-Style Fighting.


  • Wraith
  • Positive Sasuke Uchiha
  • Anti-TLSoulDude (for a time)
  • Screech the Bat
  • Drake Ebon Darkstar
  • Flame Rising
  • Blacknova (A being of evil power on Fictor)
  • Omaddon of the Chaos Duo (Having Hanabi's bloodline in him)


  • "Hey, Johan, there's something in your face. MY FIST!"
  • "Uh...I would, but I'm dying of lung cancer."
  • "Faith doesn't come by force."
  • "No greater love exists than in one who lays down his life to save his friends. And YOU are my friends!"
  • "I may not be the brightest guy around, but I NEVER leave my friends behind when they're in trouble!"
  • "...Sasuke, Sylar, I will become your personal link between Earth and the afterlife if you two don't SHUT UP!!"
  • "Let's just say I'm not exactly your cliche Christian."
  • "Jim Carrey, Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Samuel L. Jackson. All of them are good actors, but in my opinion no one can possibly match...Laurence Fishburne (echoes)."
  • "WHAT?! ME, jealous?! Jealous that the sweet, innocent, angelic girl kissed a lowly lowlife like Drake and not me?! You imagine things, X!"
  • "Sure thing, Boss Wiz!"
  • "I could be like Rambo." Ranger: Yeah, only shorter.
  • "Oh, crap." (Ultima form about to have a wall fall on him.)
  • "You can either surrender or things will get violent...VERY quickly." (Archangel form before a fight.)
  • "Be careful. I am death." (Demon Ultima appearing)


  • TL was originally voiced by Matthew Broderick, but changed it to Joaquin Phoenix for personal reasons.
  • TL often shocks Loony when the Fictorian Ninja annoys him.
  • TL's shadow is voiced by Aaron Eckhart.
  • TL is often forced to team up with people he hates.
  • TL has Asperger's and ADD.

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