A. Suppose you were to give a seminar on technology management to the CEOs of export-oriented Philippine companies, how would you explain what technology management is all about? How would you convince them what's the importance of technology management to export competitiveness. What technology strategy would you advice them to pursue?

B. Prepare a recommendation on how the Philippine Government can go about developing and implementing a technology and competitive strategy in order to improve our economy's competitiveness. Explain the contribution of the management of knowledge and technology in accounting for Japan's successful industrial system. What aspects of the Japanese innovation systems may be relevant to the Philippines? (Instead of Japan and Japanese Innovation System, you may substitute any of the following countries: South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore in the question).

C. In the book, Strategic Management of Technology by Piere Dussage et all, it is stated that:...expectation concerning R&D are still high and ambiguous; high because the future of any firm depends on the R&D function, and ambiguous because the real purpose of R&D is often unclear. The contribution of the R&D department to the strategy and growth of the firm is extremely difficult to assess. What are the pertinent criteria to be used in the evaluation of the "productivity'" of a firm's R&D and the allocation of R&D funds? When a product has proved to be profitable, it is difficult to attribute its success to either R&D, marketing, product or the sales force.

1. Discuss how a firm can resolve this seeming paradox in order to attain a purposeful R&D function.

2. Propose "pertinent criteria" to be used in the evaluation of the "productivity" of a firm's R&D and in the allocation of R&D funds. Be sure to discuss and explain the possible difference in criteria based on the purpose of the R&D activity.

D. Venture capital investing has been touted as an important strategy/alternative/industry particularly in encouraging technology based or innovative business ventures. This approach is perhaps very timely as far as the Philippines is concerned considering the needs and the available opportunities for technology-based enterprises.

Recommend a strategy or process which would guide a Filipino venture capital company of a modest assets whose overriding objectives are to promote technology development and commercialization as well as the strengthening of the small enterprise sector in the country (Philippines).

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