Note: In formulating your answer to the problems, you are advised to follow the format below: • Topic outline for your response • Executive summary of your answer • Detailed write-up of your main points • (And if time permits) A write-up of minor but still important/relevant points

A. Suppose you were commissioned by the DOST to draft a National Technology Development Plan for ONE of the following technologies: - ICT - Biotechnology - Materials technology - Microelectronics - or another technology that you firmly believe will carry the Philippines to the world class status over the next 3-5 years

The objective is to make the country's technological capabilities (in the chosen technology area) the highest in Southeast Asia within five years from now. a. Discuss the factors affecting the nature and rate of technological innovation in the industry. b. Prepare a framework detailing the steps you would follow in formulating the NTDP. c. Identify the critical success factors, as well as essential infrastructure necessary to ensure that the NTDP is carried out. (State your assumptions and scenarios.) d. What breakthrough measures should the government undertake to hasten the world class achievement milestones?

B. A group of TM educators are embarking on a project that will transform our country's packaging industry into a world class one. The team's idea focuses on a strategy of continuously applying available TM knowledge to the quality improvement issues and opportunities in this industry until the industry's competitiveness meets world-class standards.

The plans are to coordinate with a representative from the Packaging Institute of the Philippines, who will in turn coordinate with the three major players/firms in the packaging business (laminates, boxes, bottles, and cans) to "paint" a matrix or map of the TM issues and opportunities across the different players in the industry. This map of issues and opportunities will be the basis will be the basis of the TM "development" (technology audit, scanning and forecasting, selection, sourcing and generation, commercialization and licensing, absorption and adaptation, mastery, transfer, and abandonment) road map.

a. Discuss the approach that should be taken by the team in pursuing effective technology management, describing the importance of technology mapping and the technology life cycle. b. What strategies and methodologies can be applied to get the project going and ensure that efforts are sustained until the goal of a world class packaging industry is achieved? c. How should the project be organized and managed? Who should be involved?

C. Like Philippine firms, Korea and Taiwanese companies have also used the various international technology transfer channels (i.e., technology licensing, joint venture, turnkey project, subcontracting, OEM, etc) as the starting point for acquiring foreign technologies. please explain why Korean and Taiwanese firms have been able to exploit these technology transfer channels in order to gain self-reliant mastery of foreign technologies and reach innovative and even creative technological capabilities while most Philippine firms have become technologically dependent on these technology transfer and have remained all these years at the operative to adaptive levels of technological capabilities. (Examine the top 5 or so critical TM best practices that can be benchmarked from Korea and Taiwan.) Please also explain what changes at the levels of government policies and non-governmental initiatives (industry and firm management) would have to be made to transform Philippine firms into the kind of "technology tigers" that characterize Korean and Taiwanese firms. Describe in detail how these can be effectively implemented and how barriers to implementation can be overcome.

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