1. A Filipino who owns a small factory assembling jeeps has invented what he calls a turbo charger. It is a gadget that is fitted in the car which is supposed to help car owners save on fuel cost since it makes car engines run more efficiently. The inventor has to make a decision on whether to manufacture the gadget himself or to accept the offer of several interested foreign companies to buy the technology and produce it.

The inventor has asked you to assist him in making the best decision. His goal is to help Filipino car owners cut fuel costs and at the same time to make some profit for himself.

What advice will you give the inventor? Explain and justify your advice using appropriate theories and concepts of TM.

2. Compare and discuss the national innovation systems of the Philippines and any two of the following countries:

a. Israel
b. South Korea
c. Taiwan
d. Singapore

In comparing the NIS, highlight the following aspects:

a. Availability of R&D manpower
b. Government R&D strategies and programs
c. Performance (i.e patents) of the three NIS relative to each other
d. Your comments and recommendations on each NIS

3. Develop a framework (in diagram form) showing that technological innovation is a result of complex interactions of factors affecting an organization. Bear in mind both the internal and external environment of the enterprise. Explain your framework thoroughly.

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