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TOBOR and The Big Hot Air Bubblegum Balloon is the 26th episode in MySims (TV). TOBOR blows a big bubblegum and ties it into a big balloon. He attaches the bubble on the hot air balloon.


  • TOBOR: Wow! Isn't this going to be fun while I am going to chew gum to make a hot air balloon?
  • Buddy: No, TOBOR. It's not okay.
  • TOBOR: (bursts into tears) NO, FLESHIE! I WANT TO MAKE A HOT AIR BALLOON WITH BUBBLE GUM! (TOBOR cries harder and harder while Red and Daisy run up to him)
  • Daisy: TOBOR! What's wrong?
  • Red: Why are you crying?
  • TOBOR: (Tearfully) Tell me, Fleshies, I WANTED TO MAKE A HOT AIR BUBBLE GUM BALLOON AND I'M FREAKING OUT!!!!! (TOBOR cries and wails louder while Red and Daisy comfort him)
  • Red: Don't freak out, TOBOR.
  • Daisy: You'll be okay.
  • TOBOR: (Sniffs Tearfully and stops crying) I..... I'm Sorry, B..... Buddy. (wipes his tears from his eyes)
  • Buddy: Thanks for apologizing me.
  • TOBOR: Okay. (Sniffs) (Cut to him blowing a bigger bubble, Then makes a hot air bubblegum balloon) I am all set for my two best friends, Daisy and Red!
  • Daisy: All set!
  • Red: Hold on tight, now! (TOBOR puts the flame on and the hot air balloon starts flying and the arrow goes very far and pops the bubblegum)
  • TOBOR, Daisy and Red: Whoa!!!!!!!! (They land on the ground)
  • TOBOR: We are in Sarasaland!!!!!
  • Buddy: Hooray for TOBOR, Daisy and Red!
  • Sally: You all get a reward for flying!


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