TOMICA/Trackmaster Season 1

  • Edward, Gordon and Henry-{Music Video:3 is a Magic Number}
  • Thomas and the Breakdown Train-{Music Video:He's Really Useful Engine}
  • James and the Express-{Music Video:James the Splendid Red Engine}
  • Thomas goes Fishing-{Music Video:Gone Fishing}
  • Thomas, Terence and the Snow-{Music Video:Don't Judge the Book by Its Cover}
  • Thomas and Bertie-{Music Video:Let's Have a Race}
  • Tenders and Turntables-{Music Video:Do You Hear the People Sing}
  • Percy runs Away-{Music Video:All Star}
  • Whistles and Sneezes-{Music Video:Go the Distance by Lucas Grabell}
  • Thomas in Trouble-{Music Video:Toby}
  • Down the Mine-{Music Video:Real Gone by Billy Ray Cyrus}
  • Thomas' Christmas Party-{Music Video:The Greatest Time of the Year}

TOMICA/Trackmaster Season 2

  • Thomas, Percy and the Coal-{Music Video:That's What Friends are for}
  • Old Iron-{Music Video:Two Worlds by Corbin Bleu}
  • Percy and Harold-{Music Video:Stand Out by Mitchell Musso}
  • A Close Shave-{Music Video:Just Getting Started}
  • The Deputation-{Music Video:Trust in Me by Selena Gomez}
  • Percy's Predicament-{Music Video:Can I Have This Dance}
  • The Diseasel-{Music Video:Every Cloud has a Silver Lining}
  • Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree-{Music Video:Rocking Around the Christmas Tree by Miley Cyrus}

TOMICA/Trackmaster Season 3

  • Gordon and the Famous Visitor-{Music Video:Real Gone by Honor Society}
  • Donald's Duck-{Music Video:Donald's Duck}
  • Thomas gets Bumped-{Music Video:Accidents will Happen}
  • Diesel Does It Again-{Music Video:Scream}
  • Thomas, Percy and the Post Train-{Music Video:The Night Train}
  • Oliver owns Up-{Music Video:The Boys are Back}
  • Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party-{Music Video:Start the Party}
  • One Good Turn-{Music Video:I Wanna Be Like You by The Jonas Brothers}
  • Toby's Tightrope-{Music Video:I Want It All}
  • Percy, James and the Fruitful Day-{Music Video:That's What Engines Do by no secrets}
  • Thomas and Percy's Mountain Adventure-{Music Video:Jingle Bell Rock by Aly and A.J.}

TOMICA/Trackmaster Season 4

  • Sleeping Beauty-{Music Video:Little Engines}
  • A Bad Day for Sir Handel-{Music Video:Rules and Regulations}
  • Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady-{Music Video:Never, Never Give Up}
  • Rock 'n' Roll-{Music Video:Come for a Ride}
  • Gallant Old Engine-{Music Video:Now or Never}
  • Bowled Out-{Music Video:Up, Up, Up by Rose Falcon}
  • Toad Stands By-{Music Video:Leave It Up to Me by Aaron Carter}
  • Thomas and the Special Letter-{Music Video:Kids in America by no secrets}
  • Paints, Pots and Queens-{Music Video:Sir Topham Hatt}
  • Special Attraction-{Music Video:Percy's Seaside Trip}

TOMICA/Trackmaster Season 5

  • Cranky Bugs-{Music Video:Down by the Docks}
  • Horrid Lorry-{Music Video:Poor Unfortunate Soul by Jonas Brothers}
  • A Better View for Gordon-{Music Video:Ode to Gordon}
  • Lady Hatt's Birthday Party-{Music Video:Can You feel the Love Tonight by Elliot Yamin}
  • Gordon and the Gremlins-{Music Video:Start of Something New}
  • Bye George-{Music Video:Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf by B5}
  • Put Upon Percy-{Music Video:Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah by Stevie Brock}
  • Thomas, Percy and Old Slow Coach-{Music Video:A Whole New World by Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey}
  • Happy Ever After-{Music Video:We're All in this Together (Graduation Mix)}
  • Busy Going Backwards-{Music Video:The Troublesome Trucks Song}
  • Duncan gets Spooked-{Music Video:Boo Boo Choo Choo}
  • Snow-{Music Video:The Snow Song}

TOMICA/Trackmaster Season 6

  • Salty's Secret-{Music Video:Salty}
  • Harvey to the Rescue-{Music Video:I'll be your Everything}
  • A Bad Day for Harold the Helicopter-{Music Video:Harold the Helicopter}
  • Elizabeth the Vintage-{Music Video:Part of Your World by Miley Cyrus}
  • A Friend in Need-{Music Video:The Work Song}
  • It's Only Snow-{Music Video:Winter Wonderland}
  • Twin Trouble-{Music Video:Walk Away by Vanessa Hudgens}
  • The World's Strongest Engine-{Music Video:Super Cali (BoiOB Version)}
  • Middle Engine-{Music Video:Siamese Cat Song by B5}
  • James and the Red Balloon-{Music Video:The Red Balloon}
  • Buffer Bother-{Music Video:Let's Get Together by the Go-Gos}
  • Thomas, Percy and the Squeek-{Music Video:Sounds}
  • Rusty saves the Day-{Music Video:Put It Together (Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo)}
  • Faulty Whistles-{Music Video:The Whistle Song}

TOMICA/Trackmaster Season 7

  • Emily's New Coaches-{Music Video:Once Upon a Dream by Emily Osment}
  • Bill, Ben and Fergus-{Music Video:if I Didn't have You by Mitchell Musso}
  • What's the Matter with Henry-{Music Video:He Lives in You by Elijah Kelley}
  • The Spotless Record-{Music Video:You'll be in my Heart by Drew Seeley}
  • Bad Day at Castle Loch-{Music Video:Vertical by T-Squad}
  • Fergus breaks the Rules-{Music Video:Once there was an Engine who Ranaway}
  • Best Dressed Engine-{Music Video:Ode to Gordon}
  • Three Cheers for Thomas-{Music Video:Thomas, We Love You}

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