TOMICA/Trackmaster Season 1

  • Thomas and Gordon and Other Stories (Episode Selection:Thomas and Gordon/Edward and Gordon/The Sad Story of Henry/Thomas' Train) (Music Video:3 is a Magic Number) (Language:UK English/US English) (Extras:Zanessa Moments from Micolzac/Thomas in Trainz:Happy Birthday Thomas/I'm Blue for Bubblebutt13/Henry's Pride from Trainlover476/Mickey Mouse in Lend a Paw/Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy in Hand Me Down Ed)
  • Thomas and the Trucks and Other Stories (Episode Selection:Thomas and the Trucks/Thomas and the Breakdown Train/James and the Coaches/Troublesome Trucks/James and the Express) (Music Video:Really Useful Engine/James the Splendid Red Engine) (Language:UK English/US English)(Extras:Thomas in Trainz:Saved by a Slip/Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy in A Twist of Ed/Mickey Mouse in Runaway Brain/TUGS and Thomas Models Reused and Cameos/Calling All Engines Game)
  • Thomas and the Guard and Other Stories (Episodes:Thomas and the Guard/Thomas goes Fishing and Other Stories/Thomas, Terence and the Snow/Thomas and Bertie) (Music Vdieo:Gone Fishing/Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover/Let's Have a Race) (Language:UK English/US English) (Extras:What Do We Care from Tom and Jerry/Mickey Mouse in Orphan's Picnic/Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy in Little Ed Blue/Disney Intros on Sprout/The Tribute of the Walt Disney Animation)
  • Tenders and Turntables and Other Stories (Episodes:Tenders and Turntables/Trouble in the Shed/Percy runs Away) (Music Video:Do You Hear the People Sing/All Star) (Language:UK English/US English) (Extras:Mickey Mouse in Mr. Mouse takes a Trip/Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy in Sorry Wrong Ed/Build a Dino Game/If You Can Dream from Disney Princes/Walking on Sunshine from BubbleButt13)
  • Coal and Other Stories (Episodes:Coal/The Flying Kipper/Whistles and Sneezes) (Music Video:Go the Distance by Lucas Grabell) (Language:UK English/US English) (Extras:Mickey Mouse in The Simple Things/Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy in One of Those Eds/Paint an Engine Game/Percy's Favorite Things)
  • Toby and the Stout Gentleman and Other Stories (Episodes:Toby and the Stout Gentleman/Thomas iN Trouble/Dirty Objects) (Music Video:Toby) (Language:UK English/US English) (Extras:Mickey Mouse in Boat Builders/Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy in An Ed is Born/Seeing Seals Game/Sir Topham Hatt's Game)
  • Off the Rails and Other Stories (Episodes:Off the Rails/Down the Mine/Thomas' Christmas Party) (Music Video:Real Gone by Billy Ray Cyrus/Greatest Time of the Year by Aly and A.J.) (Language:UK English/US English) (Extras:Mickey Mouse in Moving Day/Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy in Once Upon an Ed/Sodor Engine Depot/Series 1 Nameplates/Build and Engine Game)

TOMICA/Trackmaster Thomas Season 2

  • Thomas, Percy and the Coal and Other Stories (Episodes:Thomas, Percy and the Coal/Cows/Bertie's Chase/Saved by Scrap/Old Iron) (Music Video:That's What Friends are For/Two Worlds by Corbin Bleu) (Language:UK English/US English) (Extras:Jack and the Pack Tribute/Build a Dino/Thomas and Spencer's Race Game/Arthur's Tricky Travel Game/Mickey Mouse in The Band Concert/Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy in Boys will be Eds/RWS SPecial:Drip Tank/Triple Header/Thomas in Trainz in Old Square Wheels)
  • Thomas and Trevor and Other Stories (Episodes:Thomas and Trevor/Percy and the Signal/Duck takes Charge/Percy and Harold/The Runaway) (Music Video:Stand Out by Mitchell Musso) (Language:UK English/US English) (Extras:Thomas the TOMY Engine in Thomas and Gordon/RWS Special:Thomas Coems Homae/High Speed Gordon/Mickey Mouse in Thru the Mirror/Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy in Avast Ye Eds/Misty Island Rescue US Trailer/ Getting Up Gordon's Hill)
  • Percy takes a Plunge and Other Stories (Episodes:Percy takes a Plunge/Pop Goes the Diesel/Dirty Work/A Close Shave) (Music Video:Just Getting Started) (Language:UK English/US English) (Extras:Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy in Ones of those Eds/Mickey Mouse in Mickey's Trailer/Who I Am Game/RWS Special:Deep Freeze/Gordon goes Foriegn/James' Connect the Dots Game/Gordon's Memory Game/Thomas' Character Cube)
  • Better Late than Ever and Other Stories (Episodes:Better Late than Ever/Break Van/The Deputation/Thomas comes to Breakfast) (Music Video:Trust in Me by Selena Gomez) (Language:UK English/US English) (Extras:Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy in A Case of Ed/RWS Special:Hullo Twins/The Missing Coach/Mickey Mouse in Mickey and the Seal/Memory Madness/Counting Corner/Steamie Vs Diesel)
  • Daisy and Other Stories (Episodes:Daisy/Percy's Predicament/The Diseasel/Wrong Road) (Music Video:Can I Have this Dance/Every Cloud has a Silver Lining) (Language:UK English/US English) (Extras:Mickey Mouse in Pluto's Party/RWS Special:Smokescreen/Toby takes the Road/Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy in Mirror, Mirror on the Ed/Steamie Stumplers/Sodor Spelling Game)
  • Edward's Exploit and Other Stories (Episodes:Edward's Exploit/Ghost Train/Woolly Bear/Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree) (Music Video:Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree by Miley Cyrus) (Language:UK English/US English) (Extras:Fun with Numbers/Mickey Mouse in Brave Little Tayltor/RWS Special:Fire Engine/Fire Escape/Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy in Laugh Ed Laugh/ Cartoon Story 3 Trailer/Sir Topham Hatt's Worn Fun/Series 1-2 Outtakes/Thomas Connect the Dots)

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