TOMY Thomas and Fiends is a great youtube series created by Thomasandhomer.

This series has been moving on YouTube since April of 2010. It has gained MUCH popularity, and might sit up there with TOMY Thomas and Friends and T&F. It is about 7 idiotic locomotives who never listen to anybody, and LOVE YouTube videos.

Main Characters


Thomas is always being cheeky and is very stubborn. He has six small wheels, a short stumpy funnel, a short stumpy boiler and a short stumpy dome.


Edward always gives advice to other engines, but they don't listen, because they think him old. He has four starter wheels, four larger driver wheels, a tall funnel, and a large boiler


Henry is a very powerful frieght locomotive who constantly breaks down or crashes, and would rather be seen pulling coaches than trucks, and often gets it that way.


Gordon is Sodor's only Express locomotive. He is so horrified at the idea of pulling trucks, that he just WON'T do it.


James is a mixed traffic engine, or as the Fat Controller likes to call him, "A Traffic Light." Like Henry, he would rather pull coaches than trucks.


Percy can be much more responsible than other engines at times, but LOVES tricks that are played upon him and others


Mike is a custom engine from the Mainland who's primary job is to rescue damaged or derailed trains.

The Fat Controller

TFC is a stubborn fat man who runs the railways on Sodor

[edit] Minor Characters

[edit] Diesel 10

D10 is a nice diesel who also helps small trains out of small wrecks with his claw

[edit] Rocky

Rocky is a very large crane who can help engines even out of the biggest messes.

[edit] The Breakdown Crane

TBC is a crane smaller than Rocky, but bigger than D10. He is used for the jobs that the others can't reach, due to his smallness

[edit] The Drives and Firemen

These men and women let the engines do whatever the hell they want, due to the fact that the trains can control themselves.

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