People....if u hav been dumb enough to read these articles....go on reading them as we update them....Now lets get some introductions done....the writer of this article is yours truly pandey....if u read the first article u would know that i was responsible for bringing all of us together.....but the fact is these 4 guys live together and i raided into there room one fine day and never left....We r five guys that are found in the above mentioned room of some hall/hostel of IIT KGP at any point of time....even during class timings..... I would be telling u more about the five of us in later for the wasted money on a stupid thin crust pizza....for all u dominoes fans....this is hardly an it was the last day of our fest in college....the writer of the previous pages ....u can call him 23....and i decided to give in to our cravings....went to the dominoes stall at midnight ....stupid waste of precious money....thin crust pizzas hav no cheese(they had sold out the thick uns)....thats wat i learnt eating a 1 day old hard chappati wid some to make ourselves feel better we ended the day wid bhelpuri....P.S if u dont know wat chappati and bhelpuri is....all answers are on google....

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