T, R and I were three brothers. They were created by Makuta and served him faithfully. A certain day came though, when a toa of light defeated Makuta. T,R and I saw one chance, combination. They formed the mighty toa hunter TRI.


TRI arrived on the island of Terros-Nui,and after picking a bad fight with a team of elite toa, joined Aegis and the Brotherhood. They were given undead control by Kroth, and are currently serving in the army under his command. TRI has three sets of arms, and three brains, along with three sets of legs. T is the strongest, I is the smartest, and R is the dullest but fastest.

Weapons and Powers

Battle-Axe of Undeath

Breath of Undeath

Eyebeams of Undeath

Vahki-head Kanoaka Launchers



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