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Feature films The Great Tigger Detective
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Portrayed by
Voice Barrie Ingham

The Great Tigger Detective

Chula is an alcoholic. He was constantly seen drinking from a beer mug and became disappointed whenever he ran out. During Cat R.Waul's song, he got very excited when Cat R. Waul dumped a bottle of champagne into his water fountain. He immediately started drinking from it. Then, Ratigan kicked him, and Barholomew fell in and started swimming around in it. When Ratigan talks about his history with Basil, Bartholomew started crying (most likely due to his being drunk). Later, when they are finishing up a verse of the song, he stoped them. He drunkenly says, "To Cat R.Waul, the world's greatest cat!", which makes Ratigan very angry (as he despises being called a rat). He threw him outside the hideout and summoned Hawk with a bell. Bartholomew was too drunk to notice her, and she easily caught and ate him. After a short period of mourning from the other henchmen, Ratigan suggested that they finish the song before he had the Hawk eat the rest of them, which they do out of fright. He was voiced by Barrie Ingham, who also voiced Tigger.

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