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Welcome to TRwiki,

a wiki and guide about Tabula Rasa, the massively multiplayer online game currently in development by Destination Games

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Development Status

As of May 1, 2007, Tabula Rasa is in closed beta testing phase. You can still sign up for it on the official website, as more testers will be invited as testing progresses.

A short open beta will follow later this year.

Release of the game is scheduled for end of 2007, however, the schedule is tentative, and the actual date depends on the results and progress of beta testing.

Game Information

Main Features

  • Main features
    Read what TR has to offer and how it is different from traditional MMOGs
  • FAQ
    Frequently asked questions
  • Background story
    The futuristic theme: Humans vs. "The Bane" aliens
  • Logos
    The pictographic language

Character and Equipment

The World

  • Atlas
    Maps and descriptions of the TR world
  • Enemies
    The enemy alien races you're fighting against
  • Allies
    The non-player-characters fighting with you
Fan Community
  • Fansites
    List of dedicated TR fansites and forums
  • Clans
    List of TR clans (called "guilds" in traditional fantasy MMOGs)
  • Media reports
    List of TR related articles and features from websites, press, and other media

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