The entity known as TTF-Bucksfan claims to be a Fifth World nation. It is based on Long Island, in New York State, but its foundations and legal system are entirely web-based.

TTF-Bucksfan, an acronym for The Tallini Family-Kingdom of Bucksfan, is a dual nation cyberstate. It has among its citizens a real world former Minister of Parliament (Ilona Staller), a legal scholar, and even a network scientist.

TTF-Bucksfan controls 11 alternate root top-level domains through the Cesidian Root, two of which are controlled for the House of Savoy and the Italian Republic. TTF-Bucksfan even controls an IPv4 network with the same network capacity as the one of the Falkland Islands. This places the nation somewhere between Tokelau (136 IPs) and Mayotte (272 IPs), for number of IP numbers controlled, and on par with the French Southern Territories (256 IPs).

TTF-Bucksfan also hosts the national embassy of a Fourth World nation; a European royal website; the informal websites of a VIP; its own 2 nations of TTF and Bucksfan; a metrosite (virtual city) called Cyberterra; a multilingual virtual library with several branches; a virtual university with 11 different schools; an employment agency/chamber of commerce; a news agency; 2 weather stations; its own church; a church healing ministry; the website of a full Intercontinental Internet; and a virtual international governmental organisation (IGO) known as the Fifth World Council (5WC), which is has over 160 individual members, several member nations, and the support of organisations and businesses.

TTF-Bucksfan also hosts and runs its own independent news service, Cyberterra News, a source of Fifth World news from other wire and news services worldwide in 3 different languages. The official languages of TTF-Bucksfan are English and Italian.


TTF-Bucksfan started with The Tallini Family in the beginning, and this micronation came into being on 17 November 1998. The Tallini Family or TTF was initially a non-Internet micronation, and to this date it still has strong real world connections. It gathered its first citizens through an Italian-language newsletter called Sua Maestà, which is no longer published. It was through this publication and its global distribution that American and Italian VIPs came to learn about The Tallini Family.

The Italian words for "Fifth World" ("Quinto Mondo") were probably first used in Sua Maestà in the Fall 2000 issue, which was published worldwide in a limited number of copies some time in October 2000. The newsletter was read by few people, but one of those people is Italy's former Minister of Foreign Affairs (the Hon. Gianfranco Fini), and many other Italian and American VIPs read this issue, where The Tallini Family was first defined as a Fifth World nation.

The Kingdom of Bucksfan evolved out of The Tallini Family, and came into being on 17 November 2001. It is a less religiously Cesidian nation than The Tallini Family, having no official religion, and Bucksfanian citizenship also allows for dual citizenship, something not possible with Tallinian citizens, since they are already both Tallinians and Bucksfanians. The Cesidian Church also came into being on the same date. Both entities are more virtual in character than The Tallini Family.

The Fifth World Council was started by TTF-Bucksfan on 13 July 2002. It is an association of Fifth World nations unincorporated in any territorial jurisdiction, and without representation in any international organisation. The Fifth World Council claims 3 member nations or micronations.

TTF-Bucksfan today

TTF-Bucksfan is today a premier dual nation cyberstate.

The Tallini Family has the strongest real world connections of the two nations. It is listed in The NAFTA Register® (ISBN 0-9651569-0-7; Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 96-094334) with entities like the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, the Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office, and the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration. The Tallini Family is officially listed under the International Affairs service category, or Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code 9721.

The Kingdom of Bucksfan, also known as Bucksfan or TTF-Bucksfan, also has real world connections, but these are more web-based than earth-based. TTF-Bucksfan was registered in the INAIC WHOIS directory as the owner of the following 10 public top-level domains (pTLDs): .ttf, .tallini, .bucksfan, .bucrafan, .cesidio, .5wc, .savoia, .italiana, .amore, and .university, and now the Fifth World Council controls these TLDs through the Cesidian Root. Through His Majesty Cesidio Tallini, TTF-Bucksfan also controls an IPv4 network.

It is clear that while TTF-Bucksfan would perhaps not compare well with a large and wealthy nation-state, it is a serious national entity with real world bank credit; has membership in a real governmental organisation; is mentioned in printed and globally-distributed publications; has impressive Internet infrastructure, and a roster of citizens that is equally impressive for a nation its size. TTF-Bucksfan is also formally recognised by the Kingdom of Pictland-in-Exile, a Fourth World nation representing at least 700,000 people on 4 continents, and was recognised by the Principality of Sealand as a micronation in the past.

Today TTF-Bucksfan is busy promoting and developing the Fifth World movement through the Fifth World Council and its members, and is promoting a culture that is already as complex as that of any modern middle-sized state.

Recently TTF-Bucksfan even started the Micronational Professional Registry (MPR), which is fast becoming an informational resource about authentic professionals operating both in the official and the Fifth and Sixth Worlds, as well as a new model for micronational recognition, based not on some archaic notion that my nation, or your nation knows best, but on the notion that professionals also probably produce professionally run organisations, companies, and even nations or micronations.

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