I created this wiki in an attempt to find absolute truth in highly debated subjects. I feel that accepting the idea that all truth is relative is weak. I got this idea as I was watching an internet conspiracy documentary and realized that no matter how good the points are, no one will trust them enough to accept their arguments. Debaters argue different sides of a heated issue, give contradictory claims and leave without having resolved anything because no one knows whose evidence to believe. Soon after the debate, the evidence is forgotten, leaving no record, so the same tired arguments are brought up over and over again. In the end, most people just accept what they see on television. The might go to a documentary or read the internet, but they are still skeptical because they don't have any trust in the facts of someone who is trying to convince them. For example the video editing tricks in bowling for columbine. I always hear that I should investigate evidence for myself, so I started doing just that as I worked through a conspiracy documentary.

After hours of work, it became apparent that no one actually does this. It way takes too long. After you finish no one benefits from all of your research. So I decided to create a wiki that would bring together all of the arguments and evidence for conspiracy theories, inflammatory documentaries and other controversial subjects and list it all neatly and see if simple absolute truth can be found. Can a wiki find Absolute Truth? It's a revolutionary idea. This is what The Truth Wiki will determine. Like Wikipedia, The Truth Wiki, will have a NPOV of sorts. Arguments and evidence will be listed in a neutral fashion. But more than just summarizing the most basic ideas, we will use the power of the wiki to try and come to a definitive conclusion. I believe that if the personal assumptions are removed and only the evidence remains, there is only one Absolute Truth.

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