This series is a mix with TUGS and Salty's Lighthouse.


  • The Star fleet's colors are orange.
  • Sunshine is a female and Ten Cent's little sister.
  • Warrior, Hercules, Big Mac and O.J. are called Mighty, Henry, Big Stack and Oliver.
  • Zebedee, Zug and Zip are called ZeeBee, Zed and Ziggy.
  • Boomer was saved from scrap by Sunshine and is now a Lucky's yard tug.
  • The Stars and Z-Stacks are friends, apart from Zorron who is still evil.
  • The show has songs and 10 seasons (with ten episodes each).
  • Grampus is now young and is Ten Cents' little brother.
  • Sunshine and Ten Cents have Thomas and Percy's whistle.
  • Johnny Cuba is called Benny and is kind.
  • Gags are used in some episodes with a rope and bag (only happens to Sunshine).
  • Bluenose is called Captain Smith, he is bossy, he wants to blow up tugs.
  • Pearl is called Grace
  • Puffa is called Stanley.
  • The Goods Engine is called Chooch
  • Big Mickey is called Big Basil.
  • Billy Shoepack is called Anthony-George
  • Burke and Blair are movie producers called Mr. Bocco and Mr. Socco.
  • The Fire Tug is named Red Fin.
  • Lord Stinker is called Stinky Morris.
  • Jack the Grappler is called Scoop.
  • New characters are Zuggy (Z-Stack #6), Tootles (Star #9) season 3, Fred the crane, and Mabel the searchboat in season 2.
  • The Stars (except Tootles),Z-Stacks (except Zuggy), Grampus, Captain Star and Zero appear in every episode, season, and movie.
  • Sally Seaplane is Ten Cents' girlfriend.
  • Sea Rogue is evil and wants to steal barges and scrap tugs.
  • The Pirates are Sea Rogue's henchman.
  • Sea Rogue's Uncle is a police tug called Paul who takes Sea Rogue away.
  • Emily from Theodore Tugboat makes a special guest appearance at one point in the series. And it is said that she is Warrior's girlfriend.

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