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TUGS/80's Cartoon charaters is a parody with TUGS pictures and 80's Cartoon charaters sounds

The cast is:

  • Ten cents as He-Man
  • Lillie lightship as She-Ra
  • Warrior as Inspector gadget
  • The theodore tugboat charaters as Care bears
  • Sally seaplane as Jem
  • The narrow guage engines from thomas the tank engine as Transformers
  • Stepney from thomas the tank engine as Superted
  • Rusty from thomas the tank engine as Spotty
  • Zorran as Texas pete
  • Zip as Bulk
  • Zug as Skeleton
  • Sea rogue as Dangermouse
  • Boomer as Penfold
  • Billy shoepack as Count duckula
  • Pearl & Zebedee as Nanny and Igor
  • Hercules as Charlie chalk
  • Sea rogue's uncle as Berk from trap door

Charlie chalk is not a classic cartoon. It is a classic children's programme from the late 80's.

  • Footage: Thomas the tank engine and TUGS in hit entertainment and Theodore Tugboat in classic media
  • Audio: Cult classic

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