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  • Stanley - Arthur (from TTTE)/Ten Cents/Grampus/Big Mac/Frank/Eddie/Zorran/Truro (from TT)/Himself/Warrior/Puffa/The Goods Engine/Hank (from TT)/Captain Star/Hercules/Coast Guard (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • Rosie - Kirby (from Kirby)/Pugwash (from TT)/Pearl/SL Sunshine/Double D (from Ed, Edd and Eddy)/Frank/Lord Stinker/Jack/Ten Cents/Johnny Cuba/Coast Guard/Emily (from TT)/Donald Duck (from Mickey Mouse)/Spongebob (from Spongebob) (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • Gus - Ten Cents/Top Hat/Lillie Lightship/Sally Acorn (from Sonic SATAM)/Sally Seaplane/Eddie/Big Mac/Sunshine/Captain Zero/Zebedee/Bluenose/Duchess/Puffa/Hercules/Coast Guard's Messenger (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • Llort - Spencer (from TTTE)/Zorran/Boomer/Sunshine/Sea Rouge/Buizel (from Pokemon)/Kevin (from Ed, Edd n Eddy)/Ten Cents/Pearl/Jack/Bluenose/Himself
  • Gnorga - The Galleon/Johnny Cuba/Himself/Daisy (from Thomas and Friends)/Carla (from TT)/Nantucket/The Pirates/Sally Seaplane/Coast Guard/Little Ditcher
  • The Flowers - The Thomas & Friends Characters/The LEGO Characters/The Disney Characters/The Garfield Characters/The Lady and the Tramp Characters/The TV Characters/the Thomas Villians Characters/The Disney Villains Characters/Themselves/The Sonic Characters/The Shrimpers
  • Gus'es Troll Form - Edmond's Kitten Form (from Rock A Doodle)/Marie (from The Aristocats)/Ten Cents/Sunshine/Himself/Zorran/Pearl/Big Mac/Grampus/Kulu (from TT)/Young Simba (from The Lion King)/Frank/Eddie/Lord Stinker/Warrior (DON'T EDIT BUT YOU CAN ADD!)
  • Alan - Hercules/Ten Cents/Zak/Pearl/Bluenose/OJ/Big Mac/Thomas (from TTTE)/Zorran/Sally Seaplane/Coast Guard/Zug/Captain Star/Frank/Eddie/Big Mickey/Bob (from Veggietales)
  • Hillary - Sally Seaplane/Sirgid (from TT)/Isabel (from TT)/Pearl/Ten Cents/Sunshine/Emily (from TTTE)/Mrs. Star/Zip/Bluenose/Zorran/Nantucket/Coast Guard's Messenger/SL Captain Zero/Grampus/Larry (from Veggietales)
  • Maria - Duchess/Warrior/Ten Cents/Miss Sunshine (from Mr. Men)/Mama Odie (from Princess and the Frog)/Pugwash (from TT)/Sunshine/SL Sunshine/SL Captain Star/Zorran/Frank/Eddie/Fire Tug/Izzy Gomez/Big Mac/R Boat (from TT)/Sea Rouge/Minnie Mouse (from Mickey Mouse)/Mrs. Endive (from Chowder)
  • and more

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