TUGS/Arthur are parodies featuring characters from TUGS and Theodore Tugboat and audio from Arthur.


  • Sunshine as Arthur Read
  • Emily (from Theodore Tugboat) as D.W. Read
  • Sailor Moon (a Fan-made character) as Kate Read
  • Sigrid (from Theodore Tugboat) as Jane Read
  • Hercules as David Read
  • Puffa as Pal
  • Ten Cents as Buster Baxter
  • Sally Seaplane as Francine Frensky
  • Lillie Lightship as Muffy Crosswire
  • Top Hat as Binky Barnes
  • Warrior as Ed Crosswire
  • Big Mac as Mr. Ratburn
  • O.J. as Alan "The Brain" Powers
  • Northumberland (from Theodore Tugboat) as Grandpa Dave
  • Grampus as George Lundgren
  • Petra and Pearl (From Theodore Tugboat) as Sue Ellen Armstrong and Prunella Deegan
  • Barrington (From Theodore Tugboat) as Wally
  • Bonnavista (From Theodore Tugboat) as Jenna Morgan
  • Pugwash (From Theodore Tugboat) as Fern Walters
  • Zorran as Rattles
  • Zebedee as Slink
  • Zak as Toby
  • Zodiac (a made-up female Z-Stacks made by 7Lightening) as Molly MacDonald
  • Rebecca (From Theodore Tugboat) as Catherine Frensky
  • Captain Star as Principal Haney (Both are in charge of The Star Fleet and Lakewood Elementary School)
  • Zip as Timmy Tibble
  • Zug as Tommy Tibble
  • Bluenose (From Theodore Tugboat) as Emily (Both share the same name)
  • Foduck (from Theodore Tugboat) as James MacDonald
  • Sea Rogue as Alberto Molina
  • Sea Rogue's Uncle as Mr. Molina (Alberto's Father)
  • Constance (from Theodore Tugboat) as Mrs. MacGrady
  • Emma Sophia (From Theodore Tugboat) as Bitzi Baxter
  • Inverness (from Theodore Tugboat) as Bo Baxter
  • The Fire Tug as Oliver Frensky
  • Lady Hatt (From TTTE) as Paige Turner 
  • The Fultan Ferry as Miss Morgan
  • Captain Star (From Salty's Lighthouse) as Nadine Flumberghast
  • Carla (From Theodore Tugboat) as Grandma Thora Read
  • Izzy Gomez as Mike
  • More Coming Soon

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