TUGS/Biker Mice From Mars is a parody with TUGS footage and Biker Mice From Mars sounds.


  • Ten Cents as Throttle (Ten Cents and Throttle are both the main heroes)
  • Sunshine as Vinnie (Vinnie's voice suits Sunshine)
  • Hercules as Modo (Hercules and Modo are both gentle)
  • Lillie Lightship as Charlie (Lillie Lightship and Charlie are both the main females)
  • Zorron as Lawrence Limburger (Zorron and Lawrence Limburger are both the main villains)
  • Zebedee as Dr. Karbunkle (Dr. Karbunkle's voice suits Zebedee)
  • Zak as Greasepit (Greasepit's voice suits Zak)
  • Izzy Gomez as Fred the Mutant (Fred the Mutant's voice suits Izzy Gomez)
  • The Rock Brothers as Greasepit's Goons (The Rock Brothers and Greasepit's goons are both trios)
  • Jack the Grappler as Tunnel Rat
  • Captain Zero as Lord Camembert (Captain Zero is leader of the villains in DOTD)
  • Nantucket as Evil Eye Weevil (Nantucket is evil in Quarantine)
  • Zip and Zug or The Pirates as The Pukes of Hazzard
  • Oliver (from TT) as Napoleon Brie
  • Bluenose as Jimmy Mac (Bluenose and Jimmy Mac are both angry villains)
  • Carla (from TT) as Weather Mister
  • Owen (from TT) as Hard Rock (Owen and Hard Rock are both ex-villains)
  • Rebecca (from TT) as Darla (Both suit Mavis from Thomas and Friends)
  • Sigrid (from TT) as Carbine (Carbine's voice suits Sigrid)
  • Grampus as Rimfire (Rimfire's voice suits Grampus)
  • Warrior as Mace (Mace's voice suits Warrior)
  • Big Mac as Stoker (Big Mac and Stoker are both big and strong)
  • Emily (from TT) as Harley (Harley's voice suits Emily)
  • Cabot (from TT) as The Pit Boss (Cabot and The Pit Boss are both mean)

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