TUGS/Come Fly With Me is a parody with Come Fly With Me Audio and TUGS Audio.


Version 1

  • Big Mac as Omar Baba
  • Rebecca (from TT) as Precious Little
  • Ten Cents as Moses Beacon
  • Diesel as Ian Foot
  • Warrior as Tommy Reid
  • Sea Rogue's Uncle as Taaj Manzoor
  • Emily (From TT) as Meledy Baines
  • Sigrid (From TT) as Keely St Clair
  • Frank as Mickey Minchin
  • Eddie as Buster Bell
  • Barrington (From TT) as Fearghal O'Farrel
  • Mr Bocco (From SL) as James Stuart
  • Mr Socco (From SL) as Ben Roberts
  • O.J as Simon Trent
  • SL Sunshine as Jackie Trent
  • Jack the Grappler as Simon Surname
  • Bonvista (From TT) as Judith Surname
  • Carla (From TT) as Penny Carter
  • Digby (from TT) as Terry
  • Shelburne (From TT) as John
  • Constance (From TT) as Helen Baker
  • Dowager (From Thomas) as Hetty Wolf
  • Sally Seaplane as Sue Stott
  • Sunshine as Geoff Stott
  • Pearl (From TT) as Asuka
  • Petra (From TT) as Nanako
  • Billy Shoepack as Lee Lodge
  • Bluenose as Captain Stirrick
  • Dartmouth (From TT) as Kenneth
  • Izzy Gomez as Steve Downes
  • Zebedee as Colin
  • Zak as Gavin
  • Isabel (From TT) as Corinne Oliver
  • Hercules as Bob
  • Boomer as Ray Wilkins
  • Pugwash (From TT) as Anne Wilkins
  • Pearl as Mary O'Mara

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