Version 1 (Made By ZackLEGOHarryPotter)

  • Puffa as Jiminy Cricket
  • Pearl as Cleo
  • Bell Bouy as The Big Cat
  • Sunshine as Bongo
  • Sally Seaplane as LuluBelle
  • The Ghostly Galleon as Lumpjaw
  • Bluenose, Warrior, OJ, Frank, Eddie, Zebedee, Zak, Zip, Zug, Burke, Blair, Boomer, Sea Rouge, and Sea Rouge's Uncle as The Other Bears
  • Big Mac as Edgar Bergen
  • Princess Alice as Luana Patten
  • Grampus as Charlie McCarthy
  • Billy Shoepack as Mortimer Snerd
  • Ten Cents as Mickey Mouse
  • Hercules as Goofy
  • Top Hat as Donald Duck
  • Lillie Lightship as The Harp
  • Johnny Cuba as Willy The Giant
  • The Fulton Ferry as Cow
  • The Shrimpers as The Crows
  • Little Ditcher as The Scarecrow
  • The Logs as Dragonflies
  • The Duchess as Dinah Shore
  • Izzy Gomez as Fish

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