Casts for Each Parody Isn't Almost just the same. But mostly like are Zorron as Horrid Henry and Ten Cents or Top Hat as Perfect Peter. Heres a List.


  • Horrid Henry - Zorran/Johnny Cuba/Carla (from Theodore Tugboat)/Bluenose/Big Mickey/George (from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends)/Nantucket/Guysborough (from Theodore Tugboat)/Sally Seaplane/Carla (from Theodore Tugboat)
  • Perfect Peter - Ten Cents/Top Hat/Big Mac/Sunshine/Sally Seaplane/Lillie Lightship/OJ/Hercules/Sigrid (from Theodore Tugboat)/Emily (from Theodore Tugboat)/Sea Rogue/Bayswater (from Theodore Tugboat)/Warrior/Grampus/Digby (from Theodore Tugboat)/Frank/Eddie/Zip/Zug
  • Henry's Mum - Lillie the Lighthouse (from Theodore Tugboat)/Lillie Lightship/Sally Seaplane/Sigrid (from Theodore Tugboat)/Carla (from Theodore Tugboat)
  • Henry's Dad - Captain Star/Warrior/Big Mac/Ten Cents/OJ/Top Hat
  • Brainy Brain - Hercules/OJ/Grampus/Old Rusty/Top Hat/Ten Cents/Sunshine/Emily (from Theodore Tugboat)/Sally Seaplane/Lillie Lightship
  • Aerobic Al - Sea Rogue/Puffa/Big Mac/Warrior/Ten Cents/Sunshine/Emily (from Theodore Tugboat)/Top Hat/Sally Seaplane/Billy Shoepack/Fire Tug/Lillie Lightship/Sigrid (from Theodore Tugboat)/Barrington (from Theodore Tugboat)
  • Stuck Up Steve - Top Hat/Fire Tug/Johnny Cuba/Bluenose/Warrior/Burke/Blair/Big Mac/Barrington (from Theodore Tugboat)
  • Rude Ralph - Zebedee/Zak/Carla (from Theodore Tugboat)/Zorron/Johnny Cuba/Bluenose/Big Mickey/Guysborough/Sunshine/Ten Cents/Sally Seaplane
  • Goody-Goody Gordon - Sunshine/The Fulton Ferry/Grampus/Puffa/The Goods Engine/Frank/Eddie
  • Prizzy Polly - Emily (from TT)/Sally Seaplane/Sigrid (from Theodore Tugboat)/Lillie Lightship/Francine/Eleonor
  • Mr. Mossy - Big Mac/Warrior/Ten Cents/Hercules/OJ/Grampus/Frank/Eddie/Captain Star
  • and more

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